Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The One That Got Away

That's how I best describe my recent yaya experience.

Our helpers of two years bid us farewell L One left right after New Year and the other just two days ago. It was such a pain to see them go but they have their own lives to lead and we couldn’t keep them from that. I always tell to go after their dreams especially if the opportunity knocks. Well, they followed their destiny, one has to continue studies and the other is, well, pregnant and has to stop working. I’m happy for them both but at the same time sad to see them go.

Hubby kept telling them that if they intend to work for us again, they just holler and he’ll kick out the current helpers. Hehe. That’s sort of saying, ‘you’re welcome anytime you wish to come back.’

These two especially the older one who left just a couple of days ago after Sophie’s birthday were my most efficient helpers by far. She treats my kids like her own and that doesn’t go unnoticed even with my relatives and in school. My kids’ teachers thought she’s a relative because of how much she cares and protects my kids. Makikipag-away ‘yan kapag inapi ang alaga niya (she would fight for my kids). She every now and then she’d peek into the kids’ classrooms to see how they’re doing and report to me happenings in school. She was such a stage yaya J

To think that when I first met her, I had doubts that we will get along together. She comes on too strong and I was afraid she may have little patience for kids. Well, in this case, first impressions were wrong. On top of all that, she makes mean ginataang langka, dinuguan and so many other dishes I don’t even know how to make.

I’m so thankful to have met them and so sad that they had to leave. We - my helper, kids and I - were crying ala drama anthology when the older helper left. She never wanted to go but she had no choice.

We now have a new set of helpers who came two weeks ago for the turnover and training, it’s but of course another wave of getting to know each other and I worry more for the kids. They love their Ate Michelle and Mama Cris (that’s how they call my just-left helpers) and having new Ate Mila and Mama Arlene will mean adjustment for them but I’m glad they’re getting along pretty well.

As for me, I’ve long ago learned to set my standard in housekeeping to a certain level that I know the helpers can achieve. I’ve long ago realized my OC self will have to be in check, anything they could not do, I do them myself na lang. What’s important and what we always tell the helpers during orientation is that the kids are looked after very well and are safe.  No missed meals, accompanied during outside play and behavior in check. They are extension of us and we rely on them when we are not around especially since we have no extended family that lives with us.

So there, another yaya story. Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I last wrote about my yayas and I think that’s a good sign. 



Yes, we must ALL follow our dreams. Great post.

janakidiary said...

@Anni- thanks! I wish them the best :)

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