Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Enrich and Enjoy

It’s May and summer’s over before we know it. Sam is currently in summer reading readiness class while Sophie is enjoying her vacay because we want her to take it easy before she starts to tackle big school.

So what have been keeping the kids busy this summer?

1. Baking lessons with Mommy. We made cookies last weekend with just this simple recipe:
1 cup flour
½ cup butter
¼ cup sugar

It’s so easy to memorize that’s why the kids can make their own cookie dough. I'm proud of the little ones, they now know a cornstarch from a flour and they know that a butter needs to be softened before mixing for baking.
This activity at home saved us lotsa moolah on summer baking classes. You can do it too, no need to enroll them in expensive cooking or summer classes. Easy-to-bake brownie or cookie mix are readily available in groceries. We love Maya products.
If conventional oven is not available at home, oven toaster will work just fine for simple recipes like butter cookies, crinkles or brownies.

2. Parteeee! When were not baking, we’re inventing a celebration like Teddy’s birthday or an exercise party (whatever that means). Kids have limitless imagination when it comes to party concepts. As I posted on my Instagram, anyday is a reason to celebrate when with kids :)

That's Teddy, fresh from a bath. And Rosie came to celebrate :0

2. Swim Fun :) So this is taking a toll on our water bill but the heat! OMG! UNBEARABLE! Ergo, the swim party happens pratically everyday. When I decide to join them for a dip, the little girl challenges me to ‘patagalan sa tubig’ match. Mind you, she wins most of the time ;)

3. Guitar Lessons. This is definitely keeping as busy at night and on weekends.
The day I finally bought hubby his long-delayed birthday gift, I also bought myself a ukelele. Why? Uhmm, because Eddie Vedder is into ukelele? Or maybe because I just want to learn something new this year though it looks like I have some competition with the strings because the kids love it too. They even got to jam with their Dad first (my husband plays both the bass and acoustic guitar). They love to jam to Somebody That I Used to Know. I’m happy, though deprived, that kids are showing interest in music.

4. Sewing and other crafts - I still have a few more weeks before we get busy with school again so I’m really looking at a new sewing project. I long ago fixed and oiled the heirloom sewing machine my Mom gave me but haven’t given it a spin except to test the parts and stitching. I miss sewing; I used to be good at operating both the manual and electric sewing machines. I can even operator an edging or zigzag machine. Let’s see if this thing will still work with me.

5. Of braids and other crafts. This summer, everyone raves about braids and we're jumping into the bandwagon.
What used to be a simple french braid in the 80's now gets complicated but more creative. I know a simple french braid and recently learned the waterfall type. This type of braid is pretty simple to do actually. I still need a lot of work on the different french braids, it's just so complicated. Good thing I have a model to practice on. If you want to learn about braids, Youtube is a best source.

The waterfall braid, pretty but not kid-proof. This style can stay put in older kids or adults. 

We love the new bead-making set Sophie got for her birthday. Good thing too that they're in blue so we can make one for Sam :)
Care to share your summer enriching and fun activities? :)


ZaiZai said...

Belated happy birthday to Teddy hehehe :)

What a fun summer you're having - there's always something to do. Too bad mine is spent at work, so not as fun as yours :)

xoxoMrsMartinez | said...

Uy suot ni Sophie regalo ng ninang niya!


Janaki Garcia said...

@zai- thanks daw sabi ni Teddy haha! Same here work, work, work. That's why play in between is so much appreciated :)

@xoxoMrsMartinez - yup, naging fave na nya yan :)

Cielo of Brown Pinay said...

Naku ako sis frustration ko yang pagbrabraid na yan...nagdalaga na ang aking anak di ko pa din madunoing gawin yan hehehhe.

At syempre hindi kumpleto ang summer pag walang swimming pool na nilalatag sa garahe kahit kamusta naman ang water bill heheh....pero carry lang kasi priceless naman ang experience.

Janaki Garcia said...

Haha. Ako rin na-stuck na sa waterfall braid, mahirap yung ibang french braids but check Youtube. It has step-by-step tutorials :)

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