Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pamora Farm: Better Option For Our Family

We always say that a commodity is a result of a need. When there is a need, some genius out there will think of creating a product to meet the need.
For the case of Gerard Papillon and wife Tina, all they wanted was a perfectly roasted chicken, just like how they do it in Gerard's hometown in France. Living in Manila, sadly, he couldn’t find a good chicken for his roast recipe. Then, with all the light bulbs lighting in his head – he and his amiable wife combined age-old technique and  technology (Gerard having a background in construction) established Pamora Farm.

This couple is truly a force to reckon with. They started out selling 50 chickens in 2002 and now  supplies 6,000 chickens to different parts of the country. There is increasing demand from other countries like Japan, Thailand, US. Why? Because they are the only company that produces genuine free-range chicken in Asia. You do the math.

photo c/o Pamora
So how to they do this? In their farm in Abra, they practice the old ways of rearing chicken feeding them only milled yellow corn and other organic food found in the farm (grass, insects, etc.). When the chickens get sick, they are treated the natural way too with different type of herbal medicines that the farm grows. No pesticides, no chemicals as much as possible. Honest to goodness organic farming, that's what Pamora Farm is all about. It brings organic free-range chicken to our tables and a livelihood for the locals of Abra.

Their chicks take about 3 months to grow and ready for the market as compared to the genetically grown chickens. They don’t  shortcut the process, even their spring chicken takes longer to grow – 56 days. It's always quality over quantity for them. They truly deserve the approval of BFAD and NMIS (National Meat Inspection Service and be certified with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

Why all this hassle when they can take the quicker route to money-making? Because these entrepreneurs think like consumers too. They want to deliver products that they know they will serve their families too - safe, organic and fresh. They even have the individually quick frozen (IQF) chicken products in which each chicken part is frozen individually to make small cooking more convenient for consumers. Much like the frozen peas and carrots we find in the market, notice how they never bunch up in one ice block when frozen? Same concept is used to IQF chicken. The advocacy really is endearing and admirable.

The couple were such great host to a sumptuous meal last weekend at Brasserie Cicou in Greenhills. They served dishes using only Pamora chicken and eggs. The pates were to die for (I particularly liked the chicken liver pate). This product is another fusion of local products and French recipe (from Gerard's grandmother).
medium-sized free-range chicken eggs

Just a few of the pate selection - chicken liver, chicken breast and chicken liver and gizzard. The mangoes among other fruits, herbs and vegetables are organically grown in Pamora farm. 

We were able to enjoy their spring chicken, seasoned simply and roasted to perfection. The crème brulee selection of green tea, vanilla and chocolate were to die for, perfect dessert to cap off a lunch of engaging stories and new insights. Honestly, I came home inspired to do my part in making a better future for my kids. I cannot help but wish that the passion and advocacy of this couple rubs on me.

 Compliments to the chef. The creme brulee won our hearts :)

Now, Gerard and Tina cook their perfectly roasted chicken. No fuss, no worry.

Pamora chicken,eggs and pate can be purchased from these stores:
Santis Delicatessen, Rustan’s and Shopwise, Terry Selection, Market! Market!

 Visit their site too:


ZaiZai said...

We need more organic options, eating healthy really is the best :) Hopefully there would be more like Pamora :)

Janaki Garcia said...

You're right @zai. We need more products like this.

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