Friday, October 11, 2013

Kids and Time

My four year-old pogo stick (that’s what his lolo calls him) always asks,

Sam: ‘Mommy, I’m four now then on my birthday I’m five na. I’m a big boy na?’

Me: ‘Yes baby’

Sam: ‘No, I’m not a baby Mommy (he whins and yet he's not a baby). I’m a big boy na eh, I’m five na.

I always forget he doesn’t want to be called a baby anymore but sometimes he blackmails me with, ‘Sige ka, wala ka na baby’ when I don’t give in to his whim.

Oh little boy, you are so smart. You know Daddy and Mommy’s weaknesses even at a young age. You know how to play your cards and you never let other people use your own tricks against you. You are that uncanny and clever you are. You’re only 4?

I was looking for a picture of him for his homework the other day and I saw this. This was taken during his baptism.

This is him now. All assuming and very confident of himself and yet every Mommy’s boy, much to his Dad’s chagrin.

Last weekend, we met with her teacher for the 2nd assessment progress talk and I’m so happy to hear from her teacher that Sam made progress in terms of writing and circle time. If before he nochalantly sleeps through writing time and wakes up only for recess, now he writes his name on his worksheets and answers and colors with minimal prompt. He also now joins circle time and no longer behaves like Mr. Supervisor; going around while everyone is in a circle. He just needs to improve on his spoken language, more of Filipino so he will be familiar with the words.

This morning during story telling time, the little boy amazed us when he was able to read words 'cock a doodle doo',  'boom boom boom', 'moo' and 'buzz buzz' from his new Dr. Seuss book. He can now sight read :)

Oh yeah, I think he’s a big boy indeed. Even Ate Sophie has grown so much that I sometimes marvel at how time had flown. They were just babies a few sleeps ago.

Looking at old photos, I now realize how short a time is. ‘Sandali lang, malaki na sila’ is what I always hear from the older parents and now I can relate.

Stephen and I were talking about our relative’s huge 2-lot house in the south. Now that the parents have two grown up kids living on their own, only the parents are left in the house and I can imagine how quiet it is in there. No more drills to get up for school and work, no more kids running around screaming, no more co-sleeping aka 'masikip na parang mga sardinas sa lata' sleep. It's relaxing and it could be the break parents always looked forward after decades of taking care of children.

I’m not yet looking forward to that, though. Right now, I just want to enjoy every moment that we sleep together. Doesnt matter if their feet or leg end up on my face or my abdomen. Sometimes I even wake up unable to breath and realize that the little boy is sleeping on me. He thinks he’s still that light.

The little girl, in 3 months time will be 7. Her long legs dangle awkwardly when her Daddy carries her for a big hug. 'Di na bagay i-carry but they're still our babies.

See her pink dress below? When I bought this dress at The Ramp two christmases ago, the hem reached below her knees. Now, it's worn as a shirt. The body still fits but now too short for a dress. Next thing I know, I’m preparing for her transition to High School. Right and her 18th birthday. Now, I just want to be busy for her 7th birthday :)

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