Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Something New + Life Lessons

A week? Have I been MIA that long already? Oh well, the recent fire incident in our company got us all very very busy (and stressed!). We have to keep the 'show running' so to speak despite the situation. I’m just glad that everything is back to normal now.

Anyhoo, here’s a few of the updates from my side of the world. 

1. Husby and I checked out this dining place from our corner of the hood. Casa Renato is a resto/event place that serves Mediterranean cuisine. It’s located in Dahlia street in Fairview but once you step into their foyer, it’s like you’re transported into another place and time. The place has many interesting nooks and crannies. We got a seat al fresco and maybe it was already night time because the air is so cool and refreshing I had to request the waitress to turn off the ceiling fan.

Private Dining area for 6

the foyer

What's on our table. A bucket of ice also arrived with our orders.

the place is filled with these 

We promise to come back next time, I love their lamb curry and beef salpicao! Kulang ang 1 rice. If you’re around the area, check this place. I read the dish description very well because I want to recreate their dish. 

Lamb Curry with papadam P325.00

Beef Salpicao P295.00

 I agree

2. I helped a friend/neighbor bake her very first batch of cupcakes. She wanted to learn how to bake so I helped her through the basics and shared whatever tricks of the trade I know.

Our first batch of chocolate cupcakes. The following day, she sent me chocolate chip and carrot cupcakes. Well, I got a fast learner here.

3. Got myself a new do! I’ve been contemplating on a shorter hair for the longest time and finally had made the time to do it. Actually, I wanted a super short bob with wispy bangs but the hairstylist suggested I take the short do one step at a time so we agreed on this. I’m loving my new-found stylist, she’s an angel. My old stylist changed salon so I needed to find a new one. I also retouched my hair color.

                                          before                                          after

So there. It was one hell of a week but I’m glad to be back to earth. But the challenge does not stop. Apart from toxic work, it's exam week for my little grade schooler so after work, I have to rush home for our review sessions. Haizzz. 

Our experience at work taught us a lot of things and more importantly made us realize how we should be thankful for what we have everyday because we’ll never know what tomorrow brings. In advertising, we have a saying that goes like ' you are as good as your last project' and sometimes in life we have to live like today is our last day to live. We have to say I Love You and show we care to the people important to us, we have to make the most of our time and pray as if tomorrow kukunin na tayo ni Lord. Promise, that's really my realization last week. 

Have a blessed Tuesday everyone! J
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