Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Mind Museum Amazing Experience

This was not my first time to visit The Mind Museum. I was privileged with a sneek peak here because I lit a star for the kids.

Our trip last Saturday to the museum was a first for the rest of the fam bam. And boy, the kids kept talking about it for days. They didn't want to leave the place.

Kids and adults alike surely enjoyed the experience. Sophie was particularly astounded when I told her she lit one of those stars in the The Story of the Universe. Sam, on the other hand, can’t get enough of the giant plants, the mechanical inventions and Stan the Trex. He has a particular fascination of dinosaurs of late but I think he got overwhelmed to finally see a life size dinosaur. He kept asking, 'Why his eyes look sad Mommy?'

We all had an exhilirating experience. Good thing at this stage Sam already outgrew his ‘Let’s live here fo-ever’ statement or he would’ve said that.  As much as we oriented them prior to the visit of museum rules and etiquettes, they can’t help but get carried away with the things abound. It's really heaven for the curious minds. 

Another plus factor about this event is that we got to check out Da Vinci exhibit on its last day of run. I bow down to this genuis we all call Da Vinci, we got to see tons of his concepts on paper, his inventions for warfare, aerodynamics, mechanics, etc. Pure. Genuis.

Da Vinci Exhibit

Paintings of the great artist, they're as intriguing as they are magnificent

A machine for warfare. One of the several displayed during the exhibition.

For flight.

After explaining to Sophie how this mechanical machine works, she said: 'Mom, can we take this home?' 

Off to museum proper

 My little boy can't get enough of this remote controlled space craft

 and the fossils. He kept talking about the bones of the crocodile for days

Exercising his fine and gross motor skills

meeting the giant dinosaur

Exercising their EQ after seeing a giant chocolate

or a ball flying :)

Here's daddy curious who dared put his hands in those holes.

Little man was floored to know a plant can eat an insect.

 On to the second level, we saw how recycling is done

ways to produce electricity.

and how their poop gets flushed, haha!

My little Japanese

We also got to watch video presentations which are truly informative and entertaining especially for the little campers.

If you haven't, you MUST visit The Mind Museum. People of all ages will surely enjoy this experience.
Purchase your tickets here.

You can also purchase tickets at the museum booth located at the side of the venue. And the costumer service never disappoints.

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