Wednesday, December 4, 2013

On Being Grounded

Or 'The Grounded'. That’s what we called our little boy the past week. 

He did break a rule which ended in a mishap so we had to do what we had to do to let Sam learn his lesson well.

He said, 'I got excited. I'm happy eh' when asked about what he did. They were playing and I guess adrenaline was high. Can you blame a happy and uber curious kid? Nevertheless, he needs to learn how to behave in another person's house.

Anyway, mishap was remedied, no serious damage done but still no cartoons, no outside play, no friends inside the house, no internet for a week for the little boy. Harsh ba?

We don’t do the spanking but we also want the kids to grow up knowing what is right and what is wrong. Because, really, when they grow up and go out of the real world without mom and dad, they must know how to deduct good from bad, right from wrong and discern the consequences of their actions.

One night while my son was still grounded, the yaya reported he didn’t go out of the house at all and didn’t even bother to ask if he can even if Mom and Dad were not around. ‘I’m grounded eh’, he would tell his yaya and his friends who came by (he’s Mr. Congeniality, have I told you that, so he has lots of visitor friends that I sometimes feel like running a playschool). He is perceptive that way and he has a certain amount of self-control (thank God). He can sense when Mom and Dad mean serious business with the discipline thing.

If there's anything positive that came out of this experience aside from learning his lesson well, it's that my little boy got around to entertaining himself for a longer time indoors. Less outside play and no cartoons made him play more with his toys, to draw and color more and play with his Ate who's now more of an indoor girl doing grown up stuff. Ahhh, kids.

See how being grounded has its perks ? Ate Sophie reading a story to Sam. Ate Sophie was kinda 'damay' with the grounded because of no cartoons rule so they find ways to entertain each other. 

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