Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19 entry

I haven't been writing any entry in my blog for sometime now. Not that I have nothing to write about. In fact I have so many thoughts on my mind. Ask my imaginary friend, I have lots of stories to tell :) But somehow, Im hesistant to write about it and let the internet world know. I guess from where I am in the business, I have to be a little careful on sharing my views.
So I thought of writing more of my daily domestic adventures. Yes, being a mom, I find home more challenging and adventurous than work. Being in the business for more than a decade now, I more or less know the ins and outs, the what nots and the idiosyncrasies of it.
But being a mom for only three years and raising a toddler and a 9-month old baby, it's a big challenge day in and day out. You wake up not knowing what to expect within the next two hours that you're home with the kids. You go home at night hoping to get a little peace and quiet but knowing it will only be wishful thinking until they both get to sleep.

So, let me start with today's activities.
- woke up 15 minutes before 6am. kinda early huh. need to wake up because Sam is uncomfortable again so need to make milk for his grumbling tummy. He quieted down and slept after milk intake. Didnt he just had milk 3 hours ago?
- since Im no longer sleepy, I decided to do some stretching and a little cardio exercise in the other room. Need to lose those super post pregnancy flabs. Note to self: need to go back to the gym, but how?
- gave instructions to helper to boil the beef. This is for dinner already. We need to make meal this early so it will be less stressful for helper when Stephen and I leave for work and she's all alone with the kids.
- Sophie woke up a little before 7am so I brought her with me to the next room. Ironed Stephen's pants (forgot to do this Sunday night :( ) while Sophie lies on the sofa. A few minutes later, Sam woke up. he really needs a warm body beside him for a really sound sleep.
- Played with Sophie and Sam for a few minutes. They really enjoy playing peek a boo together, sophie behind me and sam in front of me searching for her ate. Sophie and I also helped Sam practice his clapping movement and our little boy enjoyed it so much! :) Children's laugh can really melt your heart.
- went down for breakfast at 7am. Sam sits comfortably on his highchair while helper Rina feeds him his Healthy Options cereals.
- While sam eats, took a bath with Sophie. This was a little challenge since Sophie always insists on doing her bath. At some point this is good because she's learning a little independence but at another point it's really stressful since it takes time before she can finish and I still have to go to work. And she wont let anybody else accompany her to the bathroom except Mommy. Finally, we finished after several discussions and whining...
- Wait, I forgot to eat breakfast! Oh well. will just have one in the office.
- Stephen and I left for work a little over 8am, walked to the subdivision's gate. Good thing we were able to hail a cab immediately.
- Arrived in the office at 845am. Im so early since my official time is 10am, but that's okay. It just means I can go home early :)
- By the way, since my EQ cannot resist the taho outside Jamboree gate, got myself a ten-peso taho. Yummy breakfast :)
- Passed by Skyline before going up to my office and checked the ratings board. Oh my, we really need to do something about the programming and ratings.


*MrsMartinez* said...

what a busy morning!

march on... said...

Yeah, day in and day out :) Pahinga ko sa office na hehe

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