Friday, January 15, 2010

Sophie Turns Three

sophie then and now:)

How time flies. Sophie is turning 3yrs old tomorrow, January 16. Just a couple of years ago,we were wondering when her hair will finally grow long enough to be ponytailed.  

Now, after several hair cuts, she's a full-blown toddler whose very smart (to smart for our own good), strong-willed if I may say so and very kikay (loves to put on makeup). Although we still sometimes call her baby, Stephen and I know in our hearts she is no longer a baby. Good thing we never missed that wonderful phase when she was still our little baby princess ( or when she still doesnt know how to reason out).

Next year she is bound for school and it's gonna be another happy/sad moment for us. Our little princess is gonna go through another milestone.

sophie in a kikay pose

sophie posing for a pic with her fave Ariel :)

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*MrsMartinez* said...

Happy Birthday dear!! xoxo

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