Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20 entry...

January 20 entry...

- got up at around 7am already. that's kinda late for me already because we have to leave at 8am. I couldnt get up early coz Im really groggy, didnt have enough sleep. I think I woke up 3 or 4 times in the middle of the night to tend to the kids.
Nevertheless, i had time for burger, eggs and coffee for breakfast :)
- bathe Sam sam. You should see Sam's gleeful face everytime he enters the bathroom, he loves bathtime :)
- playtime with Sam after bath, I can sense he misses me so much. He kisses with his mouth open :)
- Sophie woke up and it's time for her bath naman. We took a bath together because she wouldnt leave my side.
- I dressed up and got ready to leave but sophie is still just wearing her panties. She wont wear a shirt or dress because 'basa pa ang buhok ko'. Haay. ang arte talaga!
- Bam dressed her up finally before we left.
- Every morning sophie insists to accompany as outside to say goodbye. not having a gate (yet), we made the tree standing at the corner of our street our imaginary gate so Sophie can only go as far as the shadow of that tree to bid us bye bye. As she was waving bye bye and Sam is doing what I think is his version of a wave, Sophie said to Sam: Sam baba ka na dyan (from her yaya), mag walk ka na, Big boy ka na.

I was laughing as I walked on :) I miss my kids already...

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