Monday, July 5, 2010

Eleksyon 2010 / GMA 60th Anniv. photos

Sharing some of the photos from my behind the scenes work for Eleksyon 2010 and GMA 60th Anniversary.

With the Post Vgfx team. 

I'm so proud of the level of creativity and commitment of these guys. Being a producer, projects become more bearable and easier working with these guys. They're always up for the challenge even if it's something new, something risky, something they've never done before :) 

On the red carpet of the GMA Anniv in Araneta with Vgfx unit head Xtian Borja. 

Truth about the GMA Anniv photos, these photos were taken on the night of the taping in Araneta Coliseum, just before we headed back to GMA office. I was not supposed to be there that night but we have to rush to the venue last minute to SOS the staff for some graphics problems. They were practically in panic mode because the show is already 1 hour delayed from starting. Unfortunately, the woman in charge of the guest list at the back door won't let us in. She's saying we're not in the guest list and that the backstage is already full (that where they setup the red carpet so it's really full with artistas, prod staff and media). She instructed us to get tickets from the *^%$& red gate and come in through the audience entrance. Probably not absorbing that Xtian and I were there because of last minute troubleshoot, we explained to her several times that we didn't go there to watch but to work. She wouldn't listen even to the production staff who fetched us from GMA and accompanied us inside the back gate. She's just damn hardheaded. Finally, we told her that the show won't start if we can't get in and those staff accompanying her were already helping us explain the obvious to her, and so she let us in. Finally! I will never forget the face of that old lady with the dangling P30 earrings. Anyway, I ended up going home past midnight already, got 31/2 hours sleep before flying off to Cebu. Haay, the hazards of production work...

On a lighter note : Thanks Xtian for the photos :)See you around friend. We won't be seeing each other everyday come August but I will definitely cherish the friendship we had developed over the 7 years plus the number of groundbreaking projects (naks) we did. Good luck on you next endeavor! Just remember, I'm always your confidante so don't hesitate to give a ring anytime :0

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