Thursday, October 13, 2011

Progressive School: Parent-Teacher One on One After Assessment Period

Guess what’s Sophie first spelled word is? ASIM! Haha! She spelled this without assistance from anyone J
I guess because Daddy kept on saying this word to her so she was able to syllabicate and spell it all by her lonesome.

I’m glad she added some more words to her list of spelled words the past weeks. She can now spell Janaki, Stephen, Samuel, Lolo, Lola, ball, mat, rat, mop and all other 4-5 letter words by just hearing them. She’s now a birthday card maker savvy after making birthday cards for all the celebrants in the family J

spelling with clay
During the recent Parent-Teacher one on one (which is done after their Student- Teacher assessment or the Trad school version of quarterly exam), her teacher Cath showed hubby and me how Sophie progressed in writing, reading and spelling by providing us compiled works of our little princess. Teacher Cath is also Sophie’s teacher for Reading Readiness summer class and she proudly told us that our Sophie has gone a long way from not being able to write her full name during their first meeting to now writing words and phrases during class! She also now writes legibly, very conscious of the lines. She also pointed out how very creative and family-oriented most of her artworks are. Always, telling stories about mom, dad and her little brother. She loves her little brother dearly.

One thing that Sophie’s teacher is still worried, though, is her promptness in doing the activities. She is a super OC (obsessive compulsive), doesn’t like her work to be messy so she makes sure no color will go beyond the lines. She’s also very creative; she doesn’t color one object with one color. It’s 2 or more colors per object. During break time, teacher said she also wants her table clean and lunch paraphernalia neatly arranged which takes time given the short break. Thus, she is sometimes behind especially since she prefers to bring rice and ulam as baon. So effort na ang preparation, effort pa ang pagkain. Her teacher recalled one experience when she prompted Sophie to finish her work so she can join outside play (the PE version of Kinder class). The little girl hurriedly colored her work making some lampas-lampas coloring and teacher recalled, ‘Mommy, nakita ko talaga yung frustration niya na hindi maganda yung work niya. But I just need to prompt her because she will miss outside play again.’ I assume she will always give up outside play for art activities. How do I handle this?

Right now, we just prepare her sandwich or light snacks for school. Yesterday, it’s hotdog shaped as cherries and triangle-shaped eggs J I always include biscuits and fruits since she has a big appetite and easily gets hungry without rice. So far, she not behind but helper says that she immediately asks for rice once home.
Her yaya also taught her to color with crayon flat (not using the tip) so she will color big pictures faster. Somehow she is improving on speed but I hope this will keep up. 

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