Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Progressive School : Field Trip to Tagaytay

 A few weeks ago I accompanied Sophie to her first ever field trip. We headed off to Tagaytay City as early as 630am and by 9am we got to our first stop, Paradizoo Farm. This place is the sister company of Zoobic Safari , under the Zoomanity Theme Parks umbrella. We've been to Zoobic Safari and the difference would have to be that Paradizoo houses more of the petting animals and flower and vegetable gardens while Zoobic's main attraction are the tigers and several rare breed animals. 

You can feed the camels, ponies, cows,etc. 

you can milk the goat

Feel na feel niya ang kanyang wide-brimmed straw hat

one part of the flower garden

Sophie and the other kids listened to kuya explain the life cycle of bees. 

then we're off to butterfly garden where they also explained the life cycle and types of butterflies

Next on the itinerary was Yoki's Farm where we also had our lunch. This place is totally amazing, the owner has a vast collection of buddhas and artifacts pertaining to Chinese and Filipino cultures and all other sorts. Here are just a few of those:

Seryoso kayo?

the golden Buddha is about 30 feet tall
Kalesa or horse-driven carriage.You can actually ride and touch the sculptures

dragon ship collections made of authentic jade, he's got more than two of this in his collection! 
Kids were taught hydrophonic technique of planting lettuce. That means these veggies never touched soil. I also took the opportunity to stock up on our green leafy veggies as they sell it at a very cheap price :)

On our way back to Manila, we dropped by a pasalubong store (forgot the name of the store) for a demo on how to make a buko pie. 

Psst. Bawal magchismisan, makinig kay kuya...

Our last out of town stop, Gardenia plant! Picture taking inside the plant was not allowed but the tour was really educational. Did you know that Gardenia breads are actually untouched by human hands during it's baking process? And because the whole process is done by machine, the breads go through a quality control check that make sure the finished products are free of lead content. 

The best part of the trip (for kids, that is) was the trip to Kidzone in Mall of Asia. They got to play for a full hour and, boy, imagine the sweat afterwards! After which, they were whisked to an ice cream station and were taught how to make their favorite dessert in the world!


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

can we exchange link....

march on... said...

hi arvin. thanks for the visit. will visit you soon :)

Spanish Pinay said...

Very educational field trip! Ah, the Kids Zone in Mall of Asia is fantastic! Kahit hindi ako bata, I enjoyed it :-D

Spanish Pinay

march on... said...

@spanish pinay- enjoy talaga, the area is so big for kids to play around and there are lots of different play areas that helps kids improve their gross motor skills. the parents were also treated to a 4d ride while the kids play.

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