Monday, June 11, 2012

The Friday Shoes

The whole family trooped to the mall on a weekend before school starts for most of the students (my little student starts school on the 13th of June) so imagine the chaos in the department store.

Our goal was to find the kulitog ate a pair of black shoes and her rubber shoes. Finding the everyday black shoes was easy, we just bought from the same brand as last year since it has proven its durability on my daughter's feet. She got the reputation of tearing down a new pair of shoes in just a few weeks. If only those shoes could talk!

As we were looking for her rubber shoes, she asked me in almost a whisper: ' Mommy, what about my Friday shoes?'

'What are Friday shoes?' I asked, totally clueless.

The little girl explained, 'Shoes I wear every Friday when we don't wear uniform.' Ohhh, for the wash day, now I remember. The yaya explained that everyday during school days she looked forward to Friday because that's the 'porma' day. She can be as kikay as she wants and so the Friday shoes are important.

Then I said, ' Ok, you have to choose - rubber shoes or Friday shoes? We can't buy both because we only have budget for one more footwear.' She chose the Friday shoes and bought a jewel-encrusted, t-strapped sandals the color of the sea. It was so pretty I wanted one for myself.

As for the kulitog boy, no matter what pair of shoes we offered him he refused. He was just happy running around, joining in the chaos in the mall :)

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jheylo said...

shopping for school supplies and outfits can be challenging especially when you can't seem to find what you are looking for. I'm glad you did had hard time fiding the right shoes for you girl :) "porma" day... hehhehe that sounds fun. here in America I believe they call it "wash day"

march on... said...

thanks! yep, porma day is wash day there. it's a time to dress up and show their style :)

Jessica Cassidy said...

shopping for school supplies and shoes are fun thing to do with the family especially for a little girl :-) it is almost summer here in NY and we are having a school break for three months :-) Returning from Mommy Moments.

march on... said...

thanks jessica. yes, it's really fun for the little girl and mommy as well :)

Tetcha said...

My son has wash day in his preschool, but now that he's in Kinder 2 in big school, he doesn't have wash day anymore. We'll surely miss "porma day" this school year. Lol!

march on... said...

thanks Tetcha. Wow, big school na pala si Justin :)

Chris said...

sorry for dropping by late :(

how was the porma day?? :)

march on... said...

Hi chris - 1st porma day was the day for the new shoes and she was strutting them in school :)

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