Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Kulitogs in School

Before school started on June 13 for kulitog girl, we got all ready with her school stuff and what have yous. On her first day in school, I was there with her from the start until the end of her class. The rest I would say moved along pretty well since she’s already in K2.

And then, Déjà vu happened.

Last weekend, we repeated the whole process of school prep this time for the kulitog boy. Although a week late for first day of school, we enrolled him in the same progressive school as his ate. Good thing the school accepted him, as nursery. 

Take 2 kami on everything: enrollment (thank God for mid-year bonus), trip to the bookstore and grocery to buy those 6 rolls of tissue, toiletries (good that Human Nature products are already available in groceries) and school supplies that should be left in school. By Sunday, I was feeling like Neo in the Matrix when he saw the cat twice and I'm sure I bore that 'WTF' look on my face. 

all packed for school, he personally chose the tiger scissors :)
Why are we late for enrollment? Well, he's supposed to start school next year pa. He's only 3 and he can very much learn from Mommy through our daily activities. My husband and I believe that 4 is a perfect age to start school because once they start, there's no turning back. 

The thing is, every time his Ate gets picked up by the school bus, we'll hear these sentiments from our little boy :
‘Wala ako school’ or ‘I want to go to school’
‘I have no teacher’ or ‘ I have no baon’
One time, when he accompanied Ate to school, he knocked on the door of the school administrator/owner and said, ‘Ayaw Daddy go to school ako.’ The owner then asked why and he replied, ‘Baby daw ako. Samsam Garcia ako eh.’

What kind of Mommy am I if just turn a deaf ear on that? 

So after much compute and recompute of our monthly and quarterly budget (bringing 2 children to school is no joke for a budget freak like me), we finally decided to enroll the Sam. You should see the look on his face; it was filled with happiness, excitement and triumph over his detractors (aka us!). I tell you, the time we told him he’ll finally go to school he finally made peace with his dad and gave him lotsa hugs and kisses. Talk about kids manipulating parents :)

Oh well, we let the little boy win this argument anyway. Why, some kids throw tantrums and cry themselves to death because they don’t want to go to school. This little one didn’t give so much as a sniff (although I think I did) when I had to release his hand as he entered his classroom. 

Oh my, my two kids now in school and before I know it they'll all be grown up and do grown up things...


Spanish Pinay said...

Oh, take advantage when they show enthusiasm about school :) I'm glad you were able to squeeze this in on her budget... he'll definitely enjoy and will learn a lot! :-D

Spanish Pinay

anney said...

Excited ang little boy mo pumasok! Yung isa kong niece 3 yrs old din minsan ayaw pumasok gusto mag computer lang sya. lol!

Joanne ;p said...

Samsam's so adorable..

march on... said...

@spanish pinay - yup. he is enjoying school so money's worth naman :)
@anney - That's ok. feeling ko nga too young for school pa ang 3 years old but depende din sa kids so don't force the little one :)
@joanne - thanks :)

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