Friday, June 22, 2012

Mommy Moments: Wall Art

During the summer, Faber-Castell offered a one-day art workshop for kids in our subdivision. Naturally, stage mom in me signed up the kulitog girl knowing how she loves art making. 
Day of the workshop and, oh my, you should see the number of kids that trooped to the clubhouse. Kids ages ranged from 3 to I think 15 years old. 

One activity was to design a sarimanok drawing. Mind you, design and not color . 
At the end of the activity, my little girl's work got chosen among the throngs of children's work! Yipee :)
There were 5 of them who won but she was the youngest (2 being 7-10 yrs old and the other 2 teeny boppers na). She brought home art stuff from Faber-Castell and a few coupons which we used to buy her school requirements. 
When his Daddy and I got home, we saw her work and was amazed at how she can create such an intricate piece and thought, this work is definitely frame and wall art-worthy. It now hangs proudly on our living room wall :)

Another latest addition to our 'wall of fame' is Sam's recent award in summer class that I framed together with his very first smiley face. Don't under estimate the smiley face, it's very versatile. Just add 8 legs and it becomes a spider; add 2 long ears and...taddah!... you got a bunny. Add a bunch of curly hair and he got daddy's face. See how powerful the smiley face is? 

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Tetcha said...

Congrats to your girls, and to you, too, Mommy, for raising talented and bright kids!

march on... said...

Thanks tetcha! :)

anney said...

Wow! Super talented namn ng daughter mo! She's only 5 years old pero ang galing na nya mag draw! Pero mas panalo yung kay Sam.. Just add curly hair at kamukha na ng daddy nya. hihihi! Tumbling namn ako sa kakatawa dun! By the way, here's my post about bento accessories kung san ako namimili.

Joanne ;p said...

I was amazed with her sarimanok design too! What a talented kiddo! Good job baby!

Witchy Crazy Mommy said...

you've got some talented ladies there! I espesially love the smiley face;-)

Jessica Cassidy said...

awww! congrats to your little artist Sis :-) glad she had fun :-) Dropping by from Mommy Moments

Mom of A and a said...

Hi, I'm a new reader. OMG, your girl is so talented! Congratulations to her!
Do visit y blog when you have the time!

march on... said...

@anney - kaloka,di ba? hehe. Thanks for sharing your bento sources :)

@Joanne - thanks!

@witcjy crazy mommy - thanks! the smiley face is c/o the little boy :)

@ jessica - thanks. glad you had fun here :)

@MOm of A and a - thanks! welcome and yes, i'll visit back :)

Chris said...

wow! congratulations, she is really talented!! :)

Dianne Khu said...

That picture looks quite good! Definitely frame-worthy...

march on... said...

@chris - thanks! I hope she continuous to find love in the arts.

@dianne - thanks! because of this she was more encouraged to do more artwork. I think I need to buy more frames :)

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