Friday, November 2, 2012

Cute Halloween

This is obviously another Halloween post and, promise, my last for the year :0 With kids around, there's always a reason bake and have fun with food. This year our theme is cute Halloween inspired by the cartoonish monster candy topping I bought from Sweet Craft :)
I made muffins and dirt cake. The muffin recipe came from our recent Baking Partners challenge, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffin and topped it with dark chocolate ganache as adhesive for the icing. Isn't that vampire the cutest?

And this is our dirt cake, made out of Betty Crocker fudge brownie mix, glow in the dark gummy worms, more of monster candies, choco lentils and marbles. The kids dig this so much!

When I went to the market to buy squash for my muffin, I spotted a couple of these really cute squash, they're as small as a coffee bun but they're perfect shape for a jack o' lantern. I used one squash for my muffin and the other we carved into a lantern.

Lighted with a tea candle. Our very first pumpkin lantern and we're definitely doing this again next year.

To complete our cute Halloween theme, we dressed up the outdoor with these monster faces. I bought corrugated card boards in bright colors (P44 per pack) and cut them to different shapes and sizes. Can I just share how much improvement  an additional layer of eyes can make?

Here, Sophie was adding dots to the ghost's face

We hang all the monster faces on the window and added some bats and black cat (not in photo). I also found jelly eyes in the grocery and hang them around the lawn.

 Happy Halloween! More so, this time is also the perfect occasion to remember the Saints who guide and help the living and our departed loved ones. Let's light some candles and pray for the soul of our departed relatives and friends.


Swathi Iyer said...

Looks like great fun, Love your Halloween goodies. Yummy and cute.

ZaiZai said...

Those are some really cute decorations and food :) And great job on the jack o lantern! :)

janakidiary said...

thanks Swathi Iyer :)

@zaizai - thanks! jack o lantern is easy i guess because it was a small squash. next time i'll try it on something bigger and we'll see.

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