Sunday, November 4, 2012

Quality Time With Family

Happy Sunday everyone!

Tomorrow it's back to work for hubby and I and back to school for the kids but right now I'm just thankful for the long holiday and whatever is left of it. When a friend asked me last Friday what I plan to do with the long holiday, I answered 'Nothing. I plan to do some planking.' Planking is hubby's term when he wants to be a couch potato all weekend. Planking as in being catatonic or inactive for days.

Seriously, I couldn't do that, stay still for even just couple of hours, I'd go crazy. Seriously still, we didn't plan any out-of-town trip or major activity, we just wanted to spend some Q (quality and quantity) time with the kids. It's been a hell lot busy at work the past weeks, I rarely go home on time so the four-day off work is such a blessing. Time to make it up with the kiddos so we played with them, biked, did arts and crafts and just got crazy silly most times.

Yesterday was the only time we went out of the house, to do some Christmas shopping since there was toy sale at Megatrade Hall in Megamall. It's a nice thought that my Christmas list is getting more names checked. I hope to finish all my gift shopping by end of November.

Anyway, while we patiently go through aisles and aisles of toys, hubby and Sophie spotted a Barbie coin bank and the little girl asked is she could have one.

So her Little Ms. Piggy, her coin bank since she was 2, is getting replaced. Awww! I love Ms. Piggy, she's been a loyal money keeper for years but it seems that the little girl has outgrown her fave coin bank. .

Anyway, one thing good about having a new and bigger coin bank is that she's determined to keep on saving more. I always tell her to save because if she save much she can buy much. If she save little, then she'll have to settle for something small. She always wanted to buy a Barbie Princess and the Popstar toy set (her recent addiction, as in she memorized the lines of all characters) so I told her to save everyday with that toy set in mind.

By the way, another good news is Little Ms. Piggy is not going anywhere. She's got a new friend by the name of Sam who's more than willing to keep her stuffed with coins and bills :)  I'm pretty sure he knows what he wants to buy with his saved money...


ZaiZai said...

Great that they learn the value of saving at such a young age! Ms Piggy is too cute, good thing she has a new friend :)

anney said...

Yung 3 nieces ko may kanya kanya ding coin banks. Nung time na para buksan ang mga alkansya nila, yung pinaka bata ang laman halos ng coin bank nya e play money. lol! Tawa kami ng tawa.

janakidiary said...

@ Zai - gusto ko nga arborin kaya lang naunahan ako :)

@anney - haha! basta money ilagay sa coin bank, true o hindi :)

Gracie said...

You've such an adorable kids!
Yes, saving is one important thing that a child must learn.. UnFortunately, di ako tinuruan kaya medyo magastos. Pero meron nakong alkansya hehe not too late too learn saving :) have a nice Monday!

janakidiary said...

Thanks. Ako rin hindi masyadong naturuan or hindi ako nakikinig... Now I hope my kids appreciate saving at an early age.

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