Thursday, February 21, 2013

3 Things I Miss

During my father's stay in the hospital, I went back and forth the hospital to help mom watch over him during daytime. On some days, I needed to take the public transport to either get there faster or because the car was not available.

While on commute, here are some of the things I realized I missed:

  1. Commuting perse. Taking the 45minutes or so LRT train ride (no matter how over crowded it may be) from Roosevelt to Pedro Gil gave me a magnificent view of the city. I adore passing by Luneta Park as the sun sets, the park explodes with hues of orange, read, pink and blue. Remind self to bring the kids to a train ride, they will surely love it.
Once I missed my train stop (Pedro Gil and Gil Puyat always confuses me) and got off at Libertad station instead. I took the opportunity to buy some fruits and flowers for Papa at the local market. All the possibilities of finding something to do or to buy when you commute. Commuting comes hand in hand with walking which is not just a great excercise but a way to discover nooks and crannies of a place and find a hidden jewel. I found a bakeshop near Pedro Gil station that makes great chicken teriyaki and pork asado buns. Just be careful and alert on the road when you commute.

  1. I missed college. I was on a same jeepney with a group of students from my former school (UST), I can’t help but hear their casual conversations. It sounded trivial now for me but back in the days, those were serious stuff for any college student - group work and if everyone is doing his/her part, chika about professors, class schedules, etc. How easy life was way back then as compared to now, all you have to do was study (and party in between!). 
File:UST Main Building.jpg

  1. I miss my family. The days in the hospital had me realize how much I miss chatting nonstop with my mom, teasing and bickering with my dad, younger brother and nieces (a trait I got from Papa).                                                                                                                             My kids are especially fond of their lolo and lola but since we moved to the north and schedules got busy even on weekend, visits to my parents' house in the south have been less. The kids know when it's been a while since they last saw their grandparents because they start asking why we haven't gone to lolo's place. Now I know that we need to spend more time with them, on a travel, a simple visit to the mall or a dinner out of town. We haven't traveled with them for a long, long time. I remember the last we had was a trip to Boracay and I was still single then. 

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