Friday, February 22, 2013

Off To The Park

I was made a model for a photography class in college (too long ago). This B&W photo was taken in Lights and Sound aprk in Luneta park.

I've always wanted to go back to this place. I just adore this place with all those steel giants depicting the martyrdom of Rizal.
Last weekend, I got a chance to do so with hubby, sister and kids in tow. The place is practically the same as I remember it but with some upgrades. They now have this train ride designed as, from the looks of it, a replica of Thomas and Friends and my little boy can't be more ecstatic. The ride is P50 per pax and will take you around the park.

We hopped off the train when we reached the Chinese garden. The entrance fee to the garden is P10/pax. Um, yeah, almost every attraction has a minimal entrance fee. 

A quiet garden in the middle of a bustling city

A place where lovers saunter and the homeless nap.
An intricate ceiling design.

Next stop was the Light and Sound garden. P20/pax to enter if you're just touring around and P50/pax if you want to see the scheduled show. I have seen the light and sound show in college and it's really a must see.
My sister eavesdropping on a very important meeting

Such nostalgia to visit this place again

 Isa pang tsimoso

 Now I have a plus one in this photo :)

amazing sculpture noh?

 my wacky family

We were lucky to see the fountain show by dusk. Honestly it was a first for me.

Did you know that Kilometer Zero is in Rizal Park? I learned that just recently (need to brush up on more useful history facts). It's a point where distances in Manila are measured and its landmark is the big black clock in Roxas Blvd. 

Now that was one inexpensive and exhilirating lakwatsa. I always thought that Luneta was a forgotten place by the Filipinos, but I was wrong. There were throng of families on picnic, local and foreign tourists, artists, students. I witnessed as well that the park is still a numero uno date spot.
More lakwatsa post to come :)


Tetcha Figuerres said...

My son will surely love the train ride and the fountain show. We should take our son there one of these days.

Janaki Garcia said...

The train ride was fun and convenient for those who don't want to walk the stretch of the park.:)

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