Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Week That Was

After the little girl’s birthday, I decided to make the following week a laid-back week, day off muna sa pagiging tarantuling (aka, busy-busyhan school of acting). I even let the new helpers do all the cooking on weekends.

Then last week, we’re off again to busy parenting. To-do list just never runs out of uncheck buttons. 

Here are snippets of the week that was:

  1. Malikhaing Kamay activity – a school activity of the kids with recycling and creativity as main thrusts. Of course, mom and dad were there to support our kids during the culmination activity. Our little girl Sophie was one of the winners of the 3D house-making which they did in school as an individual activity. Yay! The little boy also made a flower art out of magazines, seeds and paint. I love how he was able to paint within the lines of the leaves. His fine motor skills definitely improved. They're both winners in my heart. Honestly I always get mushy during these activities :)

  1. School hunt – we already have a shortlist of the schools for the little girl's move to first grade. Last Saturday, she took an exam in one of those schools and passed J but we still have a few more schools to tackle because we want to keep our options open. One thing about applying to different schools is accomplishing different requirements for each school. The ID pictures of different sizes, documents, credentials, etc. Some schools require them even during application process and while others during enrollment already. I ordered copies of NSO BC from here: I just called their hotline, placed my order, paid through credit card and after 2 days the docus arrived. They charge P350 per copy, more expensve than getting it directly from NSO office but hey, I got the docus without having to take a leave from work or getting up from my chair even. Working moms need this kind of convenience. 
  1. An afternoon in the playground. Priceless moment with the kids. 

  1. Our next party plans – now it’s time to prep for Sam’s 4th birthday naman. When asked what he wants for his birthday, he answered matter-o'-factly ‘I want Jollibee birthday.’ So now, I'm busy getting a booking from Jollibee. 
  1. My new find – usapang healthy healthy-an, finally found almond milk here in Manila. Almond milk is mainly used by vegetarians and best for lactose intolerants. And just look at the label: 1% fat, no cholesterrol, no trans fat. You can even make this at home. Know more about almond milk from here: For those who are not familiar with Kimberly Snyder, she is Drew Barrymore's and other Hollywood stars' nutritionist. I’ve been reading her site for almost 2 years, very informative and insightful. Cash & Carry in Makati City carries different brands and flavors of almond milk. Natura brand is P114.00 per box. 

How was your last week? 


xoxoMrsMartinez | said...

Iam curious about the almond milk. I want to try it kaso wala nyan sa mga supermarket na malapit sa akin ; p


janakidiary said...

oo nga, sa cash and carry ko lang rin nakita ito. why not try sa unimart or rustan's?

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