Sunday, March 3, 2013

Online Worksheets for Kids

With our hunt for Sophie’s new school comes our preparation for the entrance exams. We are not yet sure if she will turn grade 1 or  kinder 2 again next school year. It will depend on the school that we will decide on.
You may be wondering why she needs to go through K2 second time around. For some schools (like UPIS), K2 is their only entry level for her age level so we practically have no choice if we decide on this school (or if they decide on us since slots are limited).
Good thing, the little girl is enjoying the school hunting and entrance exams. At first, I worry that it may be too much for her to take tests several time. Ako nga pagoda na sa kapupunta at kaka-research about these schools.

I found these helpful online review websites for my little girl and it may provide some help for your review time as well. I read one blog where the parents make their own reviewers with matching drawing for topics that needs illustration. I wish I have the time for that but I don’t so these sites are really heaven sent to us: - they have worksheets for math, language, reading and even puzzles which Sophie enjoys. The site is easy to navigate and has practice worksheets from easy to difficult levels for kinder and grade 1. – you need to be a premium member to access more worksheets but there are also free printable worksheets to use. This is a great reviewer since it’s a Filipino site; particularly appreciated the Money: Identifying Bills reviewer. - a good website for parents who are homeschooling and for afterschool reviews. I love that it's interactive, kids does not seem to mind school work. There's also a subscription fee per child. We haven't signed up yet but we tried their demos and the activities were well explained with fun sound effects (the producer side of me can't help but notice the sound effects and graphics, hehe).

We don’t print the worksheets to save on paper (and trees). What we do is provide Sophie with numbered papers or booklet, let her read the questions from our computer and write the answer on the paper. We just turn off the automatic sleep function of your computer to avoid hassle during review.

Another helpful reviewer are the workbooks from their previous school year. I use Sophie's kinder books to review both Sophie and Sam at home. There are some topics and practice pages there that kids (even at higher level) can still use since some topics are recurring.

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