Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A (Super Late) Father's Day Post

Got caught up in school and work stuff and everything else in between that I missed posting something for Father’s Day. Boohoo. 

Here’s a super late update on our Punta Fuego, Batangas weekend getaway with friends. The best time for the dabarkads from college to hook up together for a Father’s Day celeb and much needed R & R.

Before we headed off to Nasugbu, we dropped by Mahogany market and bought everything we need for the 3D/2N resort stay.

It was my first time to visit the infamous market and I ♥ the fresh fruits and veggies and the beef only costs P150-220 per kilo! Such a steal. I think we bought a total of 15 kilos pork and beef and 5 kilos of chicken all in all. Then on the way home, we dropped by Mahogany market again to buy more to bring home to Manila. Men and their bulalo!

you can also eat in but we cooked our own Bulalo.
 Mahogany market is the same route as going to Batangas, just be wary of the Y road (with Petron gas station) 'coz that's where you turn right to get to the market.

Coming to Punta Fuego makes me think, I want to buy a place like this someday. Note to self: need to seriously work on that retirement fund.

the pool and gazebo
The place is a membership only residential resort and we are thankful for friends’ friend who welcomed us as guests in their beautiful rest house.

the view is spectacular

the house has everything for total fun and relaxation
husby and kids walk to the beach
husby and our good friend Olan
the little boys enjoy the sand while the little girl kept imagining sharks in the sea. Too much Nat Geo shows... 
kids enjoy the jacuzzi on a hot summer day, after the Dads got 'sawa' with the jacuzzi
quiet beach, love private beaches
The kids although some meeting each other for the first time got along pretty well immediately. They all enjoyed pool play. The caretaker thought these kids are cousins or close kin and was surprised to know they are not. ‘Hindi sila nag-aaway, akala ko magpipinsan sila’ (they don’t fight, I thought they were cousins). A friend of mine said, ‘Well Ate, matitino naman ang mga magulang niyan kaya I think tama naman ang pagpapalaki sa kanila.’ Haha! Love that answer friend, pang Ms. Universe :)

We had in our company a great cook friend, the cook in me got really intimadated. He can cook for more than a dozen people. I offered to be the assistant cook  na lang. We had bulalo, kalderetang baka, pancit bicol (I forgot the term) cooked with bulalo soup, hotdogs and liempo, etc. etc. I had to much meat that weekend, my body craved for fish and seafood after. 

The Dads definitely enjoyed bonding and jammin’. They were a band in college and played gigs in Club Dredd, etc. so, yeah, they come a long way.

Happy Father’s day to my Papa, husby and my dear brother. Sorry this is super late but you know how much I love you to bits.
taken at Shangri la Boracay
To my husby who’s been my dearest friend for 20 years now (since day 1 of college and you never let go of me, haha!), thank you for the abundance of love you give every single day. You have so much love for everyone in the family.

Thank you for always being understanding especially when I have my pms, when I'm being sarcastic or when I don’t want to drive and you have to drive me around :) You are willing to be the bad cop and I the good cop to our kids, you would even take the blame for Rizal's death (so to speak) just to pacify me. I'm such a lucky girl and I thank God everyday for you, my answered prayer. I know I forgot to include great body in my prayer request but that's okay hehe. Your selfless heart and great sense of humor compensates for that :)

Happy Dad’s day, I love you and I will never stop loving you. Mwa, mwah, chup, chup! :)

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