Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In Between Work

So what do employees at work do to have some fun? Kumbaga, activities 'pag may time?' 
What do we do when we are not running around looking for juicy or breaking stories, checking on air materials or when we're not in the boardroom for a brainstorming meeting or presentation? 

Sharing with you some of fun stuff at work:

A senior officer retired after 15 years of loyal service and was surprised by her staff with an aisle of red and white roses and a cotillion. Totally sweet!

I attended a birthday lunch for Feb and March celebrants. Kuya Germs has been hosting our birthday lunches for years now and he's really an entertainer by heart. 

Found a pack Nestle Crunch and Ferrero chocolates on my table on morning. A pasalubong from a former colleague. Yum! but I had to share so I won't pack the extra calories. 
One of the girls also gave me a Burberry perfume from HK. Thanks guys :)

 It's Art Gap Time! Yearly, our company holds an art competition and this year requires the use of paint.

The finals in exhibit. That's our reporter Lars Santiago in checkered polo during an interview with Charice. 

I remember joining Art Gap a few years back when the exhibit was about photography. I submitted this photo which I took through film photography.

We got a visit from these extinct creatures. They look amazing in person and Sam couldn't get enough of the photos I took. He's so much into dinosuars now. 

 Whenever possible, peeps from work grab the opportunity to take a photo with their favorite celebrity in sight (there's a lot of them around). My life is too showbiz as you can see that's why I try to make my 'other worlds' a little less hyper to maintain a certain balance :)

an employee with Kim Rodriguez of Kakambal ni Eliana hit
with Charice Pempengco
And finally, a look up photo during a shoot for the service awardees. Every year the company recognizes the 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 year service awardees with an AVP presentation shown during general assembly. Yes, we get to star in those AVPs :)
As for me, I can't believe it's been a decade now since my first day in the network. More of that to share in my next posts.

Work perse can be stressful already  and it's hard to be working all day all week without having some fun. That's why, it's important for companies and managers to find creative ways for the employees to relax, enjoy camaraderie and have some fun in the workplace every now and then. For my unit, we enjoy after work videoke night, dinner and an outing at least once a year to destress and relax.

What's your idea of bonding and relaxing time in between work? 


ZaiZai said...

Your entry for the art gap is lovely! by any chance, did you win?

It's nice to find a balance between work and real life - though your work seems really fun :)

Janaki Garcia said...

The art pieces when I joined were for sale, not for judging :) Thanks, work should be both fun and fulfilling :)

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