Friday, July 5, 2013

Pretend Play is Fun

Lately, kids have been enjoying playing teacher-teacheran with Mom and Dad. I enjoy pretend play with them and I love that they are the ones who conceptualize pretend games. Mommy just goes with flow.

One really funny game we play requires a lot of imagination and improvisation. We pretend the bedroom wall is a huge blackboard, we have a pretend chalk and we write invisible ‘lessons’ on the board. It’s up to the 'student' to figure out what was written. From the supplied answers our game advances. Honestly, it’s really fun and funny. Anything goes kind of play.

Here's once conversation where kids get to play teacher:

Sam: Mommy I want to eat the one you bought kanina (he meant the other day pa).

Me: Which one? Otap? (he loves Otap).

Sam: No, it’s not crunchy. It’s soft and rectangle and color white.

Me: Bread sticks?

Ate S: It’s soft Mommy, not crunchy

Sam: Ate Sophie is check! Mommy is X! (that's 1 mistake for me) 

Me: Marshmallow?

Sam: No! You’re X (getting a little impatient with Mommy, 2 X na ko).

Me: What is it? A donut?

Sam: You’re X again. It’s a healthy food noh. (Bokyang bokya na ko)

When Daddy tried to join in, I had someone to share my Xs with. Only Ate Sophie is check. The conversation went on but I still couldn’t figure out what he wanted. Boo.

Here's another pretend play the kids invented. They pretended to be cavemen (after watching The Croods in cinema and Ice Age on DVD). That's about all of the bottles of their poster paints on our garage wall. Need to buy a new set again. Really, we buy crayon and paints almost every week.
Nevertheless, I smiled when I saw our wall and told the helpers not to erase it. Life with 2 imaginative kids :)

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