Saturday, September 28, 2013

Travel: Hotel Kimberly in Tagaytay

 Well, this travel is not really for leisure but for business. We stayed overnight in Kimberly Hotel for our department's annual planning.

 As much as I can't of course share what were discussed during the planning, I can share with you our hotel experience.

Here are some photos. The rooms were huge, the session rooms which are named after well known artists were well equipped except for the faulty mics. Good thing, being a Post Production dept. we always bring our own equipment. We are OC that way.

The lounge. In the same floor is the K Cafe where our meals were served buffet style. I really had to watch how much I eat, though. I already lost 6 lbs since our first weigh in and there's no way I'm backing out now.  I took advantage of the fresh vegetable salads instead.

The bedroom. The bedroom which I shared with 3 other managers/bffs was furnished with 2 king-sized beds, a T&B with hot and cold shower, personal ref, TV and DVD player, vanity mirror with dryer and a big closet. It also has a small terrace overlooking the entrance of the hotel.

During the section presentation. See one of our senior heads in a cowboy hat? We take our presentation and our work seriously but we definitely know how to have some fun:)

Unlimited brewed coffee. I brought along my Stevia sweetener.

The outdoors

We didn't get to take a dip. It was so cold daw.

The petting zoo.  They got bunnies, turkeys and a herd of sheep.


 Oh you have to meet these cutesies. They're the most adorable creature in the planet and such cam whores! Just lure them with bayabas leaves and they'll come to you.

The playground. As soon as I saw this area, I wanted to try everything. The rope ladder, the tire swing, the obstacle course but my companions threatened to leave me behind. Hmmp! I will definitely come back with my kids/playmates.

They were game for this though. So fun! Weeee!

I wanted to go back to Hotel Kimberly with husby and the kids.

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