Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope y'all had a safe but fantastic celebration as we ushered in 2014. I have been intentionally off the online radar because I wanted to spend super quality time with ze fam. It's not everyday that we spend 24/7 together, all cuddled up, baking, watching TV and practically doing nothing :)

I'm not much of a New Year's resolution kinda girl so nothing for me to share in that department. For me January 1 is a day after Dec. 31 hehe (but I'm all about the celebration so bring out the booze!). My long term goals and our family goals have stayed the same. We just cross off achieved goals and write new ones, whether it's the start of the new year or not. Life goes on as the cliche goes.

Anyway, the holidays had been super busy -  the packing of gifts, the parties left and right, the get togethers. Although I started Christmas shopping early in November, I somehow miscalculated my timetable and rushed with the shopping and all even after Christmas. Geez. I'm not used to the chaos of Christmas in Manila anymore. The past holidays were spent hibernating out of town.

This year we decided to stay in Manila for the holidays because 1) my in-laws went to London for the holidays and 2) it's been years since we last enjoyed Manila holiday scene. We missed it so much, the partying and all that jazz :)

To all my readers abroad, Christmas in the Philippines is a huge huge thing and everyone is just in the mood for spending and celebrating this season haha! We start counting down to Christmas right after Halloween. It's really 'the most wonderful time of the year' here and rolls over until New Year's eve when almost every family celebrate with festive spread on their table, fireworks or any sort of noise making to welcome the New Year and ward off the bad vibes.

Again, Happy New Year to all! May we have just enough of what we need this 2014 and that may we all pray more for peace, goodwill and less calamities this year.



Hi, delighted to wish you an awesome, cool, fun filled, amazing new year !
Cool blog !
Visit mine too and scribble some comments !
Looking forward to your visit over there :)

Janaki Garcia said...

Thanks! Visited you back :)

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