Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy V Day!

Happy Monday everyone!

Last Friday, practically the whole nation celebrated Valentine’s day with much gusto. If you tuned in to Facebook that day, the V vibe is so alive! Save from some 'bitter' and 'sour grape' posts, the rest of the world loves 02-14. Honestly, embraced it. It's a breather from the daily dose of not so good and even tragic news we see everyday.

Here's a proof of embracing the Love Day: the morning of Feb. 14, I posted a link from the news:

Taong may sense of humor o yung may good looks, alin ang mas gusto mo?

I posted it because of husby's reaction to the news which makes me laugh until now.

While having dinner, we heard this news and as we sometimes make patol sa news, husby said in a most serious face he could muster, 'Sorry ha, pogi lang ako. Wala akong sense of humor.' (Sorry, I'm just goodlooking. No sense of humor). I was quick to reply, 'I beg to disagree. Super funny ka nga eh.' And we continue to argue until over the weekend because he insists he only has good looks. The nerves! Haha! And I just love him for that. And we went a little PDA on FB on that topic. Please bear with us FB friends, it's a day of lovin'.
I had a little more dose of the love day. My little handsome gave me this huge gumamela before I headed off to work. He's just the sweetest and he doesn't care if the owner of the flower plant will get mad at him or not. If he sees a pretty flower, he'll pick it for Mommy :) I'm glad the owner of the plant is not my FB friend because husby was quick to post it on FB.

See? I'm even wearing red last Friday (shirt dress from Next UK). 
At work, some guys gave out long-stemmed roses (with pick up line pa!haha) to the girls and we also got red heart balloons, chocolates,etc.from our sweet boys.

By end of day, my cheesy husby was not yet done being all too loving. When we arrived at home from a simple dinner, he gave me a bouquet of fresh flowers. 'And you thought I don't have flowers for you ha', he said with his sheepish smile. The little princess got her pink rose as well. Haay, what to do with the ultra romantic-bordering-cheesy husband? Thank you dear for being you :) I think you rubbed off your romantic side to our little handsome :)

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