Friday, July 10, 2009

another day, another problem

This morning my yaya of almost 6 months confirmed that she needs to go home to her parents to take care of some family issues. Although a few days ago I already had an inkling about her dilemma from our labandera/cook but my yaya confirmed everything just this morning and that she needs to go home tomorrow (talk about 2 weeks notice :( ) . So now I will be left with just my cook to temporarily look after sophie and sam until we're able to find replacement. Haay. Bakit nga ba hindi matapos-tapos ang problema? Especially with house help, I feel like its one step forward and two steps back. No matter how much you try to be as tolerable and nice with them they will still leave you eventually. They never run out of family problems, conflicts in life.

What a morning. Then on the way to work, the cab we took had defective aircon and it was so hot and suffocating. My husband and I were already late so we did not bother to get another cab. And then there's the blockbuster pila in the elevator (we call it blockbuster kasi pang-blockbuster movie ang haba ng pila).

Another day, another problem. ..It just never ends. Now I have to look for another yaya, better start looking soon.

Although come to think of it, problems are as temporary as life. Nothing is permanent in this world, even the worst of woes. So I know that someday somehow, all this yaya issues will be of no problem anymore. Ang tanong lang eh, kelan kaya? I hope soon...

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