Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Would like to start my blog with this article I've saved in my phone for sometime now:

During the World Forum at Davos the winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace, Shimon Peres, told the following story.
A Rabbi gathered together his students and asked the : how do we know the exact moment when night ends and day begins?
When it's light enough to tell sheep from a dog' said on boy
another student said:'no, when it s light enough to tell an olive tree from a fig tree.
No, thats not a good definition either.'
well what's the answer? Asked the boys.
And the rabbi said:
when the stranger approaches and we think he is our brother, and all conflicts disappears, that is the moment when night ends and day begins.'

Part of my work as producer is to keep all elements of project as flawless as possible and to accomplish a project without any hassles, incident report or conflicts in the end (you bet it's not so easy a task but someone's got to do it). Part of my work also is to make sure that everyone works with much gusto and inspiration and that everyone is still friends in the end despite the differences in opinions and outlook. Trust me when I say, when you're surrounded with great artists, the concept of right and wrong is sometimes irrelevant.

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