Friday, July 31, 2009

Children Are Amazing

When I come across people who tells how good looking they are, I wud sometimes kid na 'sino nagsabi, nanay mo?' I'ts a joke that I used to not really understand. But now that Im a mom, I do. When sophie came I was overwhelmed by the thought that she actually came from me (by God's grace, of course). That I actually nurtured her from the womb and I was part of making her become such a beautiful, healthy baby. I would spend many waking hours just staring at her as she sleeps ( I still do, actually). And now with Sam, it's the same. I would scoop him towards me in the middle of the night (as I do now while writing this entry) and just stare at this wonderful creature of a gift. They're the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen. Well, kasi nga ako ang nanay nila. Children are amazing, and what's more amazing is the impact they have in our lives. I have always wondered -how can someone I just came face to face with for the 1st time be so meaningful, so precious to me? How can i commit to someone for life (and beyond) and offer unconditional love when i just met him 3 months ago? Children are amazing and so is the nature of love.

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