Thursday, January 6, 2011

March On to 2011

How has been your first week of 2011 so far? Mine was busy, as always. Actually, aside from writing 2011 instead of 2010 on my memos and reports, I always feel that the change of year is just a continuous phase of the past year. No great transition from one year to another. I guess because motherhood, work, marriage, family life is continuous phase that you don't need another year to remind you that you have to do something, to change something, to better something. Change and improvement is and needs to be a constant part of life, without or without change in year.
Just last month, after granting my 2 helpers a week's vacation each, both did not come back to report this year. Yeah, another yaya woes. I just wish they would say goodbye properly so that we can prepare for their leaving. My husband and I would jokingly remark that we shouldn't have given them bonuses, gifts and clothes if we knew they are going to leave just like that. Because they didn't show up, my husband and my brother-in-law watched over the kids since I just couldn't take a leave from work. It was one whirlwind week. Good thing that as of this writing I was able to find new helpers already...and life goes on again.
I used to get very frustrated over this kind of problem, helpers that has family problems and needing to go home, helpers having whatever problem at home. While some, for the sheer lack of consideration, will not go back without any word. Now, I kinda accepted that's just how they are and moving on from one helper to another has been easier for me. Of course, we always make sure the kids gradually transition from one yaya to another. This morning, though, when my new helper came, I saw that Sophie and Sam were able to warm up to her immediately. I guess they too have adjusted to this kind of life.
I am thankful for what God has blessed us with in 2010. It was so much we can ask for. For 2011, I know God will continue to bless us. I know that as long as we keep our faith, our hopes and dreams alive and keep a positive outlook in life, we will continue to live a good life.
If there is one thing that I promised to do this 2011 is to make sure I give more back to God through service and tithes. I have been too busy last year that I know I owe Him much.

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Tetcha said...

Enhancing my spiritual life is one of my goals, too, for 2011. So, it's New Year, new helpers for you. I hope your kids adjust well to their new yaya. Happy 2011!

march on... said...

Yes. I think that's one of the most important goal we need every year. happy New Year too :)

kimmy said...

well, good luck on that!

Chris said...

May God be your guide this 2011 and may you accomplish your goals!

march on... said...

Thanks Kimmy and Chris. May everyone's 2011 be more fruitful and blessed than the last :)

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