Thursday, January 27, 2011

Something New

This year, I’m thinking of something new to learn. That’s one of my yearly goals, to learn or do something new every year. I actually got more serious about this goal after I got married. I know that having a family should not be a reason for me to stop growing as an individual. I have a problem with keeping still, for one, that’s my weakness at some point I guess. I am impatient if I don’t get to move around.

Last year, I got more serious into blogging and learned about bloghopping, joined memes and all. Although my blog has been in existence since 2008, only last year was I able to learn more about the blog universe and I’m so thankful for everyone and everything that I learned along the way. Last year was also my first time to join Fun Runs. I was able to join two and those were totally new, invigorating and very healthy experience for me. I plan to continue doing runs this year.

Another first for me last year was learn how to drive. I could say it was more of a challenge for me thinking that maybe someone else can drive for me (wishful thinking)? But I thought, better now or never. It took a while before I can truly appreciate this new skill especially with the horrendous traffic and road condition here in Manila but somehow I appreciate the thought that I now have a license and I can drive a manual car J

There are other minor firsts like refurbishing a coffee table, learning new recipes which I also shared here,etc. so this year I know there’s more in this world that I can learn and discover, like firedancing perhaps? J I’m so amazed at the hand and body coordination and artistry of fire dancers. They’re so graceful. I also want to try a new sport that's inexpensive and fun. My first love is bowling. I compete but I'm no Paeng Nepomuceno but bowling centers here in Manila are a little hard on the pocket especially if you try to do it once or twice a week so I'm not regularly bowling (and I miss it so much). I'm also looking for a new sport that I don't have to bring someone else so I can play. I remember Miriam Santiago sharing in a casual interview that the reason she got into swimming is that she can enjoy the sport without the need for a playing partner. 

How about you, what something new you want to learn or experience this year?


kimmy said...

hmmm.. good luck on the fire should try the 'poi' first, i think it's the start..

march on... said...

thanks. I'll research on that, really don't know the diff between the two :)

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