Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

December had been suuuccchh a busy month that I haven't been able to update my blog regularly. There are commitments left and right, up and down that it was such an effort to even access the internet. Anyhoo, I promise to update you of our December activities within the week (hope i can keep that promise ;} ). 

Lemme start now. Last December 16 was my hubby's birthday. Since it was a busy week at work for both of us, we weren't able to take a leave to celebrate his birthday. The morning after he left for work, I requested Sophie to make a birthday card for hubby. I found this postcard which was one of Disney's merch items during my husband's cable career. 

I requested my daughter to write Happy Birthday Daddy, and this is what she made. Except for the letter D and Y which I helped her write, she wrote all letters on her own :0

Ah yes, the round thing is Daddy's tummy, Sophie's interpretation at least. The night of his birthday, when we were all in bed, we handed him the card. As soon as my husband saw the card, ah yes you got it right, he was teary-eyed again. He's such a cry daddy especially when his daughter is involved. Sophie and Sam (his own version) then sang a happy birthday song and gave him many kisses and hugs. My husband was practically speechless with joy! Happy birthday Daddy! We love you so much :)


*MrsMartinez* said...

San ang pakain?

march on... said...

Wala nang pakain, diet muna :)

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