Wednesday, January 12, 2011

December in Baguio

My husband's family made it their yearly tradition to go up to Baguio every December. For one thing, his brother who's now in London always requests for Baguio trip everytime he comes home in December. I guess he just can't take the hot weather and smog of Manila. And everytime, the Ayala Cottage is the place they stay  in which is walking distance away from Mines View. 
Last December 2010 was only my second time to go with them due to schedule conflicts. The first Baguio trip with the Garcia's, we had this souvenir photo in the cottage (taken in 2008). I was 6months pregnant then with Sam :)

This year, we attempted to have a family picture by the fireplace but it was not as successful. Maybe next year. But I got these photos of the kids. Sophie and Sam got to spend 4 days with their cousins and, boooy, you can't imagine the chaos when 5 kids come together in one house! :) 

Here, they found an empty cabinet as a nice hide-and-seek place...

We requested them to sit together for a photo op and these are what we got. Yep, the only girl (named Sophie) turns out to be the most makulit.

Day 2, we visited PMA after attending mass at Pacdal church. My husband was like a little kid in a playground when we got to the tanks. He is truly a war stories fanatic, can't count how many time he watched Band of Brothers and his collection of dvds ranges from the black and white to the most recent. He also loves Stephen Ambrose books. 
Him and nephew Miggy on top of the Landing Vehicle Tank or LVT (an amphibious) tank:

Of course, Sam had to try going up the tank too :)

Mama Karol (my MIL) and Tita Chit beside the Korean monument:

I tried to find an interesting POV for my photos and I found one, the top of  a 19th century Howitzer's gun barrel:

Will we ever forget a family picture? :0

After which, we went inside the PMA museum. For a mere P10 entrance per head, you can already get in. Look what we found? Stephen's grandad's class picture of 1943. My husband said, of the many years they went to Baguio, this was the first time they've been to the museum and seen his lolo's class picture. Nostalgic :) 

Other interesting things to see in PMA grounds :

Cadets practicing a routine
aircrafts on display 
 We still had time to visit the pet cemetery in Camp John Hay before we head back for dinner.

read this, very enlightening.
This is a creepy place but makes you think, 'better not mess up with my life so I won't end up having a tombstone like these.'
interesting message for us

 More of the Baguio trip next time :)


4timesblessed said...

Lovely photos.. I am sure they will provide years of memories.

march on... said...

thanks charlene :0 yes, i'd like my children to someday go back to look at these photos of our family's travels :0

*MrsMartinez* said...

bagay sa iyo ag Japanese pose lol


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