Monday, January 10, 2011

Because Kids Grow Up

Last night as I lie between Sophie and Sam on our bed, I suddenly had this bout of realization...again.
Sophie and Sam both have different sleeping habits. Sam wants to sleep on his right side with my arms wrapped around his torso and his face lies on the palm of my hand. Oh, and his legs should be propped on mine. Sophie, on the other hand, wants to sleep with me facing her, practically nose to nose. There's usually a conflict with these two kids when we sleep since I'm torn between two. I just usually request the older child to let her brother sleep first then she's next. Last night, however, both were able to sleep with their backs on me :( No one wants my hug or my lullaby even if I offered it. They just slept without my assistance. So as I lie last night, I remembered what Stephen's aunt told me about kids - sometimes it gets really tiring when your little kids 'clings' to you all the time but when they grow up you realize the time spent with them when they were little is so short you want them to kids again and 'cling' to you.
Next week, Sophie turns 4 and that's another milestone for her as she starts school in June (another teary-eyed moment for her Dad and me). Just last year, we marvel at how much she has (and pretended to be) grown up. The things that she can accomplish on her own, her opinions and take on things around her, the more complicated questions that she throw at us.
Our kids are growing up and there's nothing we can do to keep them babies so as a working mom I try to spend as much quality time with them as possible. Noticed I don't blog on weekends?  I try to keep my weekends off the computer except when the kids want to watch a movie or Barney on the laptop or if I want to teach Sophie the computer keys. The activities at home on weekends always involves the two toddlers, either it's cooking, watching TV, gardening or just simply walking. We also try to choose social invites which are more family-oriented so we can bring the kids with us if we have to go out.
I just hope they remain kids and forever be our little tots but that's not how the circle of life goes. They will eventually grow up and face the complicated and dangerous world out there. For now, as parents we can only help them prepare for the life ahead by making sure they grow up to be well rounded individuals, enhancing their strengths and helping them with their weaknesses. Last but not the least, let them know their God as early in life as possible and make them realize how important it is to keep a strong and constant relationship with the Maker.

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