Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hot Dresses for 2011

My schedule is so crazy with work, work, work! On top of that I still have to worry what to wear to the wedding I'll be attending this weekend and on Jan. 29. Well, Jan 29 wedding has a casual/come-as-you-are dress code so that's kinda fun and easy. The guest's outfit just needs to have a touch of black. Cool dress code isn't it?
The Jan. 15 wedding however has a 'long dress' dress code which totally blows me out. Does 'long dress' mean I can't wear a cocktail dress but I may be too overdressed if I wear a long gown. I don't have a long dress because I try to veer away from too much fabric with my towering 5 feet height. So no maxi dresses for me. I have a long gown, though, that's tapered and has a mermaid cut. Confusions confusions so I'm thinking I'll have to buy a dress for Saturday. Yes, I take my wedding invitations seriously hehe. I searched the site for New York and London Fashion for 2011 (better than our local fashion sites which always feature safe and kinda a season or two behind fashion, sorry) for what's in style right now in dresses and I'm diggin' these new skirt lengths. I actually seen these cuts in last months fashion forecast and I started to dig into my closet for possible skirts to reincarnate :0

from Oscar dela Renta Spring 2011 collection
photo credit

 Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
from the LV metallic collection

from the Vera Wang collection
photo credit

Segue: in preparation also for the biker chic fashion for 2011, I went to Baguio ukay stores during our visit last December and bought two black biker jackets. lol! 


*MrsMartinez* said...

uy fashion blogger na ba? hehe

march on... said...

let's see, haha! :)

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