Monday, March 7, 2011

This is a late post for Vday but I am wont to share this anyway. This is for my parents who have been married for 36 years now and recently celebrated their wedding anniversary on… oh yeah… February 14. Until now I can’t figure out what went through their mind, getting married on Valentine’s Day. Cheesy, wouldn’t you say?

Because of that, I never got on a date on Feb 14 since it’s always a celebration of their wedding anniversary. They have always been our date ever since :0 No worries, I’m not a romantic anyway. I’ll leave romanticism (and cheesiness) to my parents. 
That’s not to say that their marriage was made in heaven. Hardly ever, if I may say so. 

They have their share of ups and downs, misunderstandings, trials left and right. I have been witness to that but I believe in the end their natural love for each other and their children kept them together after all these years. I just know that their love for us, their children, and their constant effort to give us the most normal and most sane life as best they could keep them together. We kept them bounded I guess, and they kept bounded for us. I adore my parents, both papa and mama and I will always be grateful for them for the many things - tangible and intangible – they have given us. I guess most especially how they taught me the commitment every parent should make in order to make a marriage last a lifetime and to keep the family together and how to place God in the center of every relationship.

p.s.: I celebrated Vday differently, I'll share that in a different Post. 

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