Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Fashion Report

Every year, my friends and I share our 2012 fashion report. This has been a yearly thing for almost a decade now and this year I decided to share with you my blog friends what I have gathered from the web.

The colors of Spring
Do take note and check your wardrobe if there are outfits that need to take a back seat for a while. 

The trendy outfits
 Donna Karan Collection Fashion Spring 2012
Donna Karan 2012 collection is tribal inspired
 Can I just say, I love the cold shoulder styles, it's subtly seductive!
Alexander McQueen 2012 spring collection
Guess by Marciano 2012 spring collection
HM Spring Summer Collection 2012 H&M Collection 2012
H&M 2012 Summer Collection is all about candy colors
The bags. 
I usually don't take much of the fabric used for bag spring collections because they just stay until there, summer and spring. I take note of the colors and style, though, because they can stay until pre-fall in a different fabric. 
D&G 2012 handbag collection

The Shoes!
I love these shoes. Don't you? Sorry not much flats featured here as I'm not a fan hehe :)
LV metallic toes 2012 collection
Oscar dela Renta lace collection for 2012

The Christian Louboutin collection. Pointed toes are showing up again but they say boots are gonna stay rounded.

Let's finish this entry with what's in on makeup this year. More colors, of course!
Best Makeup 2012 Best Makeup 2012  new makeup 2012 Best Makeup 2012  new makeup trends 2012 Best Makeup 2012
Don't you just love the colors of fashion this year? They're vibrant, bold and very inspiring. Just make sure you don't overdo, try to incorporate just a little bit of something new with something classic or else you'll end up as a fashion victim.LOL!

Have a fashionable 2012 everyone!


genny said...

awesome fashion sense this 2012...was here sorry for the late visit....:-)

march on... said...

thanks genny. have a colorful 2012 :0

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