Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Baguio Trip Essentials

Lemme share what made me survive a very chilly weather, 2 kids and constant moving around during our Baguio trip. My new must haves as of the moment:

1.) Mulberry replica bag. The bag is my very first online purchase. Yep, I'm a virgin of online shopping. 
I ordered the bag last month from Multiply and since it's a pre-order item and came from Korea, it took a couple of weeks before it reached me. Good thing it arrived in time for our family vacay. I must say that it's very versatile, very roomy. Although the leather is not much to my liking (it's synthetic, something I wouldn't buy if I saw it in a store), I couldn't complain much because I made the purchase online. The body is made of gamusa material with color a cross between red and brown. 
photo taken with my nephew at Bell Mansion in John Hay
2) Stormtech Hooded Thermal jacket. This jacket got me through a rainy and chilly tour of the Christmas village,  a morning jog and walk around Session Rd. It's very versatile, waterproof, light and has lots of pockets that can even hold my chunky wallet and 2 cellphones if I prefer not to use my bag. I love it!

3) Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer. I've listed this product under my Favorite things but I never really realized the benefit of a moisturizer until this Baguio trip. I put it in the morning before I go out, at night before bedtime and anytime in between as skin can really get dry from the cool wind.

So there, my 3 essentials. Of course, there are other 'essentials' I brought but for the 2011 trip I was able to manage my suitcase more. In 2010, I brought so much shoes, clothes, makeup,etc. that our car was mostly filled with my stuff. LOL!


AnneM said...

I agree that running after active kids can keep you warm in cold weather :)

Dropping by via bc bloggers. Happy New Year!


anney said...

Last month ba kayo nag Baguio? Naranasan ko mag Baguio ng december nangangatog ang baba ko sa sobrang lamig. lol! Happy New Year sa inyong lahat dyan! Have a fruitful 2012!

march on... said...

@AnneM - yep, nakapagod especially if you have to run after them in hilly areas :)

@Anney- yeah at ang lamig kahit noon time. They say January is the coldest time there :)

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