Friday, January 27, 2012

Sophie's 5th Birthday Part1

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On January 16, my little princess celebrated her birthday in school with her teachers and classmates. Hubby and I took a day off from work and personally took care of the party.

When we got in the classroom, Sophie's teacher announced that the kinder class prepared a simple presentation for us. They did an interpretative song number. How sweet di ba? :)

And now it's game time!
First game for the kids was Decorate Your Cupcake! Kids super loved this game :)
that's me preparing the props for the game while the kids wash their hands in the classroom sink
The day before the party, I made a dozen chocolate cupcakes for the game. By the time it got out of the oven, Sam got two while Sophie ate one, hubby got I don’t how many. To make the story short, I had to make another dozen of cupcakes. I used the recipe for S’mores cupcake (minus the icing) and in fairness it’s good, very moist and not too sweet. I'll share the recipe some other time.
The morning of the party, I made the frosting, divided into three parts and made yellow, pink and white frostings. I also bought coated chocolates, sprinkles, mallows for the topping and brought stocks of party toothpicks I got from a Gourdo’s sale. 

Here are the cupcakes the kids made. How creative :)

Next off, our version of pin the donkey. In keeping with the Barbie theme, we did pin a bow on Barbie’s hair. So kikay and fun :)

Last, it's trip to Jerusalem which I found out was the class’ fave game and Sophie is actually good at it. I thought she’s gonna win pa because she made it to final 3 J

Then it's time for the official happy birthday song and blowing of the candles! Everyone was mesmerized by Barbie cake and may I say that it's yummy too. Highly recommended :)

After announcing the best decorated cupcake (with the celebrant as judge), it's time for the most awaited part: Eating time!
Jollibee never fails to make even the pickiest eater enjoy this food. There was enough to share with the kids, teachers and staff. Even the parents and nannies in the waiting area got their share.
On a not so good side and I just have to share this, Jollibee's online delivery almost gave me a heart attack! Advance order is not allowed so we had to order on the morning of the party. Unfortunaately, our account won't load properly and after gazillion reloads and restarts we had to resort to phone delivery. Because of this I wasn't able to join the online promo and, me being me, just had to give a piece of my mind to their management.

After meal, Sophie gave away her token to her classmates, those character string bags with goodies inside.
Even little bro got one and ain't he just happy about it :0

Everything went well and I'm glad the kids had fun and Sophie was the happiest kid ever :) Thank you to Teacher Cath and Teacher Jo for helping us during the program.

Happy birthday Sophia! We love you :)


Jona said...

Looks like a fun party for your Sophie :)

Joining mommy moments this week. :)

Tetcha said...

What a beautiful Barbie party for Sophie! I'm sure she was the happiest kid that day what with Mommy and Daddy taking a leave from work just to make sure her birthday party in school would be a blast. Visiting back from MM!

Chris said...

happy birthday to sophie! :D is the whole cake edible? or is that a barbie doll?

Sammy said...

happy birthday sophie! it looks like you had a grand time. i wish you good health and happiness always little girl! :)

chubskulit said...

Belated happy birthday Sophie. Lovely celebration!

Mommy Moments

Rosemarie said...

The kids surely had a blast, visiting for mommy moment, mine is up at

I hope to see you around,,...

anney said...

Happy belated birthday Sophie! Napasaya mo ang mga classmates mo at syempre napasaya ka rin nila! I love the birthday dress!

Spanish Pinay said...

that was a real fun birthday celebration! Happy birthday Sophie! :)

Spanish Pinay

march on... said...

@ Jona- thanks!
@ Tetcha- yeah, she was so excited to know that mom and dad didn't work on a Monday haha :)

march on... said...

@chris - only the base is edible. Barbie is not. The barbie is a doll although we haven't dissected barbie topper yet. It's still in our ref, pretty as ever. Oh, baka you can opt for a genuine Barbie (the one I have is not) but I guess that will incur add cost. Thanks for the greeting! :)

march on... said...

@ sammy, chubskulit, rosemarie, anney, spanish pinay- thanks!

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