Friday, August 10, 2012

A Positive Weekender

Happy Friday everyone! Today, we had a relatively good weather as compared to the past days. I hope it keeps on until the weekend (even with the latest news that it's gonna be a wet weekend again...). Here, still hoping for the best.
I plan to keep my weekend busy with stuff to do. The past days I have been thinking of ways to extend a helping hand to the victims of Habagat and realized I have more options than I can handle. That's a far better dilemma for me than the other way around, right? Morever, I recently recently a blessing so abundant I feel I don't deserve it (but I need it hehe) so thank you God! Truly, He knows our needs and provides them according to His riches and glory :) 

I'm capping of the week with a beautiful quote from Nu Skin's President Luke Yoo. 

"The reason that it is important for people to make their own goals and apply them in their business is so simple. There are two kinds of people: those who achieve their goals and those who fail to do so. Those who have clear goals tend to be closer to success. People who carefully establish their goals find more opportunities to achieve them."

Luke Yoo


Let's all do our best to achieve our goals and God will do the rest :)


anney said...

Sana lang di maulan next week may lakad pa namn kami.

Swathi iyer said...


I like revise can use that.

Repetition happened because of copy and pasting.

I tried to send e-mail. it is not going that is why commenting here.

kim said...

that was very inspiring! me, too! i was thinking of ways on how to be of help to those affected by the bad weather, but i just ended up feeling grateful for being safe and all..

march on... said...

@anney - that's right. We're all hoping for a good weather this week. Take care and enjoy your lakad :)

@Swathi - Thanks! Will post it today :)

@Kim - I agree, it's such a great blessing to be safe with the family

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