Friday, August 17, 2012

Progressive School: Nutrition Week

I’m sure mommies who have school kids have had a busy nutrition week as schools celebrated this event by either bringing only healthy snacks to school, students being that plump tomato or a carrot mascot who struggled to deliver their lines in a school play.

My kids spent Nutrition week with mini field trips to Greenwhich for my Nursery son and to Johnny Rockets for my K2 daughter. Both of them loved the out-of-school activities.  My daughter particularly loved that she went to a trip for the first time without her yaya. She felt so adult. My little boy naman had so much fun winning the parlor games hosted by the fast food chain. He even brought home to Mommy the pizza he made during their pizza-making activity. Isn’t he the sweetest?

the little kulitog and his pizza 
Why Johnny Rockets and Greenwhich on a Nutrition week you say? I asked the same boggling question. The teachers shared during culmination day that they explained to kids that these places serve sometimes food and the kids should visit these places only accasionally. Ayun naman pala…

Part of the homework of my K2 girl was to produce a 3-5 minute video ala cooking show featuring one main ingredient which was mango. The video should show a parent-child cooking tandem and the dish should be nutricious and delicious. Came culmination day, the video was shown and judged by guest judges including a nutritionist. Sample of the dishes were also presented to the judges and the scored based on taste. Effort 'di ba?

Although I wanted to see our submitted video as they presented it in school, I was busy preparing the sample dishes. Sophie and I prepared two: Creamy Mango Jelly and Rainbow Salad for the judges to taste. By the time I got out of the classroom-turned-mini-kitchen, I only had a glimpe of the CBB (closing billboard or credits) of our video.

Our submitted recipes: Rainbow salad and Creamy Mango Jelly 

Came awarding time, I was seriously praying that Sophie gets at least 3rd place. She put so much energy and effort during our rehearsals and she was such a great host :) The heavens heard my prayer and gave us something more - a 1st place! Yay! 

The little girl (and I) proudly went on stage and took her prize. I shared in several posts how my kids love to cook and bake and this prize is a great motivation for the little girl to continue with her passion. Her prize was a cookbook made for kids and she’s just excited to do everything in that book ( I think I need to stock more butter and flour now).

I’m as happy that all the efforts (and one sleep-deprived weekend) paid off. My husband told me that our video was a hands down winner because it was edited just like a cooking show; that we can make more cooking videos and upload it online. Well, for one it would be a shame that my job is to make sure programs on TV have everything they need to launch and air without glitch but can’t make a simple cooking show project for my kid. 

The video was shot using a Samsung digicam (in HD) and edited using Window Movie Maker. One tip: unless you have a powerful PC, better to convert an HD video to SD (standard definition) so that it will be faster to edit. You can donwload free converters/transcoder online. Our video was simple but it has all the elements of a 5 –minuter cooking show: title card and chargens (made with powerpoint), music/score, an edited body and credits. 

As for making this a regular thing, let's see... I even don't have the guts to post our video here (super shy?). For now, I'll give you the title card, the title was Sophie's idea :)
our tcard, with downloaded template from Microsoft 
Happy Tuesday everyone!


anney said...

Congrats! Presentation pa lang nung dishes nyo panalo na! Ay gusto ko mapanood ang video! Post mo na sige na! hehe!

march on... said...

thanks! naku, i think i have to adjust the audio levels muna :)

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