Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Donations For Habagat Victims

I hope everyone will have a safe night tonight with the torrential rain and flood not seem to be leaving our land anytime soon.

For those concerned citizens who wish to provide any kind of help/donations, please click the link below. The link provides the updated data on the institutions where you can send your help.

Most of all, let us all continue to pray for sunshine in the coming days and that our brothers and sisters in the affected areas of Luzon will find the physical, emotional and spiritual strength to surpass the struggles and heartaches of this sad event.

God bless everyone. 



...and we here in Texas USA haven't had a good saturating rain since the beginning of summer.

Hope your country will soon be more habitable and you will be dry!!!

march on... said...

Thanks Hootin anni. Take care too :)

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