Thursday, August 2, 2012

Indoor Activity For Kids

With the rain and gusty winds during this typhoon season, classes are cancelled again and again especially for preschools. What are kids to do staying indoors? There's TV but we all know too much of that isn't healthy at all. My kids love to do art activities and answer their old books but then again were talking about one whole day indoors. 

One creative activity for the kids is to make their own candy house (my little boy insists it's a castle). 

Here's a sample of how kids can make a simple candy house:

What we used: leftover crepe icing, marshmallows, coco biscuits, chocolate chips, Potchi gummy candy and their favorite Nissin vanilla wafers

The kids busy building their foundation out of wafers and biscuits

adding the final touches

our finish product :)

Then we pretended it was our birthday and got all the birthday candles we have in stock and sang happy birthday many, many times! Pati yung isda sa aquarium nay happy birthday song. As they say, trip trip lang :)

The best part of this activity is eating the candies but the kids won't let anybody touch their masterpiece. They know what happened to Hansel and Gretel when they ate part of the witch's candy house.

What's your indoor activity for the rainy days? Yung tipong trip trip lang?



What a fun, fun-filled day!!! Too bad you can't find a glass enclosure [air tight] to preserve their creations!!!

march on... said...

Thanks Anni. Oh yeah, I'll try that next time we make a candy house :)

joy said...

What a creative and fun day with the, just love reading or handcrafts:) thanks for the visit.

march on... said...

Thanks. I'm also trying to find time to read again and hopefully be able to finish a book. It's been a while since my last book...

xoxoMrsMartinez | said...

Uy kilala ko un suot ni Sophie girl ah hehehe


march on... said...

Oh di ba, perfect fit. Favorite sleepwear niya yan. Thanks :)

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