Monday, April 15, 2013

Travel: Manila Ocean Park (Part II of Sam's Bday Celebration)

Here is sharing with you our trip to Manila Ocean Park, as part of Sam's birthday celebration. 

Little boy, I know how you love Thomas and Friends but honestly I'm glad we didn't do a Thomas themed party (again) this year. Mommy's doubly happier to see how much you enjoyed the trip to the park instead. 

 You couldn't get over the Jellies exhibit. I got pretty paranoid in this area imagining all those glass cases shattering to pieces. Yikes! But you seem to have none of those thoughts as you watched the jellies dance.

Uhmm, this attraction didn't interest you much. You were looking at those guests swimming at the side of the pool.

See how Daddy held you tightly for this photo? He was afraid you'll jump into the water.

You waited patiently for the seal to do a wow trick. Alas, they did a few flips and twirls.

The stone fish, ahh, the stone fish. You talked about them (and the flashlight fish) for days that we sometimes pretended to be asleep because we ran out of answers for all those questions. Playing to be asleep wasn't effective because you'd wake us up and ask the questions all over again (and again, and again, and again...)

The ever curious you kept coming back to these guys. 

Of course, the Ocenarium was the ultimate place for you. Imagine a whole glass tunnel of sharks, stingrays and all other sea creature. You kept looking for Doddie, your fighting fish but he's safe at home sweetie. 

Because you were excited to see the penguin (and actually hoped to bring home one), we brought you here as a surprise :) Next time, we'll let you feed those penguins but, sadly, we really can't bring them home dear. 

We were all excited for the snow village and in your eagerness to see so much ice in one place you grabbed a ball of ice innocently sitting on this bench and ate it! When we took it from you, you just said, 'Yummy eh.' Oh my little Mr. Perculiar.

Lastly, the fountain show. As much as you were looking forward for this, you asked for milk even before it started. We were surprised because you don't drink bottled milk in public anymore. Alas, our exhausted celebrant slept through most parts of the show. Don't worry, we'll come back so you can feed the penguins and see the amazing fountain show.

Happy birthday Big Boy Sam (with emphasis on Big Boy). To the little man who never runs out of whys and hows to ask that your middle name has been changed to Bakit (Why) :) 
The sweetest man I have ever met; always has a flower, a kiss, a hug and a sweet smile for Mommy. 
Please bear with Mommy and Daddy when we get overprotective sometimes, we still think you're our baby boy. 
You kept showing your #4 candle to remind people that you're a big boy now but I still see you as that bouncing little baby who milks from me like there's no tomorrow. 

We all love you- Daddy, Ate Sophie and I. We will always be here to guide and support you as you explore the world around you. 


xoxoMrsMartinez | said...

Touching entry! So sweet...


Janaki Garcia said...

Thanks che. They grow up so fast, noh? Hope to see you soon :)

Jane said...

My daughter also celebrated her birthday and she really had fun there but we used this discounted voucher, you may try this site for discounted prices :) Manila Ocean Park

Janaki Garcia said...

Oh yeah. We will try that next time, it includes more attractions. Thanks jane :)

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