Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This story got the lolos and lolas laughing so hard, it’s trending now within the clan.

My little kulitogs, as I have shared here, are now BFFs and ‘partners in crime’ so to speak. So what happens if things don't go smoothly during playtime?

Something about who gets to use the new whiteboard triggered the rift and got the little Ate to pack her things in her Barbie school bag. She came to my room and made ‘paalam’ to leave the house. Lalayas na daw siya (she's leaving for good). I asked her why and she said ‘Inaaway ako ni Sam.’ I tried so much to keep a serious face and asked her if she has money for transportation. She just kept quiet but never left her spot by the door.

So where is the little boy? After a few minutes he emerged in the room as well carrying his tiny Thomas backpack (so small it can only carry his school lunch). It was obviously filled to the brim with his clothes that he can’t zip it close. He came to the room to ask me to help him zip his bag close. I asked him too where he's going, he said ‘Punta na ko iba bahay’ (I’m going to another house). Ate Sophie mad at me.’

There they were, standing by the door with their backpacks and sullen faces making their so-called ‘final goodbyes.’ It was so hard to suppress a laugh because they seem serious with their plans. While they were there by the door talking to me, they made sure the other one heard what one has to say. Nagpaparinigan lang ang emote! Such drama, so cute!

I asked them to watch Disney Junior with me and immediately they dropped their bags and rushed to my side. I asked them to apologize to each other and they did :) All's well that ends well.


Spanish Pinay said...

oh my goodness, these kids are too cute :) You did so well on not showing them you are finding it funny.. .kids emotions no matter how silly they seem for us adults are really important and genuine for them :)

Spanish Pinay

ZaiZai said...

That is so funny :) I was imagining how they looked at the door saying goodbyes - ang cute :)

Janaki Garcia said...

@spanish pinay - so true, they were dead serious with their plan until they heard the word 'Disney.'

@zai - haha! i wanted to take their pictures with the backpack and all but the moment was too 'dramatic' for them ;)

xoxoMrsMartinez | Mrs-Martinez.com said...

Grabe! Your kids are soo cute!


Janaki Garcia said...

hehe, thanks Che. I'm sure, you'll get your share of the 'drama' in time :)

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