Friday, April 19, 2013

Lunch Break: Entry Overload

Because traffic is unbelivably heavy on this Friday night,  I would like to make you smile (and drool with hunger) with this food photo overload from my lunch breaks. 
These lunch breaks meals are the reason it's just so hard to keep ze weight in check. 
How can you resist when restos, cafes and milk tea shops just keep mushrooming around my workplace?

Anyway, if your near the area check these out:

A sausage sandwhich and salad from Shakey's. Can you taste the melted cheese? 

Single slab rib dish from RUB in Tomas Morato, served with coleslaw. Ribs that will melt all the stress away and price reasonably. 

Our sizzling lunch from Cow King in Kamuning (near Lola Idangs Panciteria). You can buy a bread or two from Kamuning bakery after :)

The ultimate comfort food for me, chicken enchilada from Mexicali. OMG!

My new fave pizza flavor, smoked salmon pizza. I prefer Italliani's version over all other salmon pizzas I tried. 

This beef and cheese loaded Taco salad and Pan conTomato from Chocolate Kiss in Roces Ave. QC will definitely melt your heart away. Notice how I love cheese? hehe. 

Sweet tooth, are you? I am too! The decadent chocolate cake from Sweet Inspirations will never let you down. (note: Sweet Inspirations is not near my workplace but I had this for lunch) 

or this Chocolate Strawberry cake from Petit Four in Tomas Morato (that quaint resto/cafe accross Il Terazzo). You also need to try out their fried tilapia, it's like no other :)

Hungry now? :0


Beena.stephy said...

Wow good

Spanish Pinay said...

mahusay! I did get hungry after seeing all those pictures of mouth watering food... eh pano naman yan ,ang layo-layo ko sa pinas huhu! kaw talaga!

Spanish Pinay

Janaki Garcia said...

@ Beena.stephy - really good :)

@spanish pinay - hehe. I'm sure where you are right now, great tasting food is all abound :)

joy said...

Wow! Nabusog ako sa mga foods:)

Janaki Garcia said...

@joy - nakakabusog na nakakagutom, haha!

Cha Yungco-Salvador said...

wow...that chocolate cake made my mouth water. yum yum!

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