Friday, April 5, 2013


When hubby and I first moved to our own home, one of our priority was to build a bookshelf.

We are both readers; he likes reading novels, marketing books and he’s got countless Marvel and DC comics that I usually threaten to sell if we ever run out of money. You should see the look on his face when I say that, hehe.

I read just about anything – fiction/novels, magazines, short stories, craft books and recently scripts for our shows (that's much like forced reading). When I’m with a Buy and Sell paper, on the other hand, that means I’m on easy read mode. I realized eventually that this easy reading comes in handy when an out of the blue question hits me like cost of a lot in a city or the price of a 1980 Nissan car model. 

Although I find it harder to get the time to read now I still try to finish a good novel at least once a month (pre-kids era, it used to be 1 to 2 books per week). I’m now starting on Life of Pi by Yann Martel and so far so good.

We also buy books for the kids; we can see their fondness for reading as well. Probably because they see it in us and because of our bedtime story reading.

To add to their collection, we bought Dr. Seuss Oh The Places You’ll Go as inspired by their recently concluded Moving Up activity. Sophie and I both fell in love with the poem so I promised to buy her the book. For the little boy, it's The Gruffalo because he’s a sucker for anything that involves animal creatures. Just last night we were talking non-stop about the weird fishes he saw in Manila Ocean Park.

My wish is to someday have a library ala Beast’s library in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Okay maybe that's a tall order. Just half the size, perhaps? One of my fave place in UST was the Humanities section. The geeky me would look into books that were barely borrowed (you’ll know that in the borrower’s form) and read them, I'd figure out the latin manuscripts (but failed miserably) and sometimes sleep (especially after PE hehe).

For now, our humble bookshelf will have to do but talks of bigger space has become a constant ‘car talk’ between hubby and I. Let’s see if I can have that library dream come true. Need to get a new copy of Buy and Sell. 


ZaiZai said...

It's great how you and your kids love books - I personally believe someone acquires great imagination by reading :)

I hope matupad ang wish mong library gaya ng kay Beast, then have a rose in a glass container too para very Beauty and the Beast na talaga ang dating :)

xoxoMrsMartinez | said...

Ah kaya pala tambayan natin ang library dati?!


Janaki Garcia said...

@zai - thanks! i like the idea of that rose in a glass :)
@che - ahaha! enjoy rin naman ang tsismisan. how we did it inside a library, that's a talent.

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