Monday, September 23, 2013

Blue, Blue, Blue

Either it’s the color of my mood the past weeks or it’s the IT hue for me these days.
I just realized that the stuff I bought during those shop-to-feel-good moments are all in blue.

I’m in such a pensive mood right now. So many things running around my mind, things that both excite and worry me. The worry part, I got to share bits of that here. The exciting part, I'll tell more at the right time.

Anyway, nothing more relaxing than a stroll in the mall and exercise a little of that spending power to keep the mind off the worries, don't you agree? Here are a few of my finds (warning: blue overload).

A royal blue (reminds me of my highschool uniform) bag with stones. Bought this at Landmark Trinoma for a wedding with a spring color theme.

This is the dress (and shoes) for the wedding. So spring right? :)

See the detail on the bag's clasp ? It's roomy as well, I can fit my cellphone, mini wallet, lipstick and blush in there.

Blue dress from The Ramp. It's a long back dress, so kikay. I haven't worn this yet but I'm thinking it would look fab with a pair of boots or killer stilletos.

A bag from Linea Italia. I've been looking for a bag that will break the monotonous black, brown and red collection that I have. This is the perfect color (yeah, I know I'm biased that way). It's roomy as well and winged shape. Very up-to-date.

The snaps at the sides keeps the bag's sides (the batwings) closed. 

Here's how it looks if you unsnap them. It has room even for my tablet. 

See how everything fits in there? Even my chunky Marc Jacobs shades case has a place. 

Frontal look :) 

Lastly, blue matte polish from BK Rose. It's supposed to be a matte polish but it still gives out a gloss once applied. Later I found on the web that you need to apply a matte top coat pa pala. Anyway, I love the color (again, I'm biased) so it's okay. Added a confetti clear polish on one nail :)

What's your color today? Stay safe and dry everyone!



My favorite color these days are either yellow or black.

LOVE your blue nails!!

Janaki Garcia said...

Love yellow too especially those bright canary ones. and, yes, black is a staple :)

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